Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor (DMWD1)

Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor
Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

Door/Window Sensor

The home automation Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor DMWD1, The smart home solutions, more than just monitor if a door or window is opened at your home.


  • Monitors if doors/windows are open or closed, can send you reminders if you left your garage door open
  • Works with exterior or interior doors, garage doors, patio doors, windows, cabinets, safes, closet doors, baby gates and other openings
  • Up to 150-foot range and 3-year battery life (CR14250 Battery Included)
  • Z-Wave Plus Certified. Requires a Dome Home Automation Hub or other Z-Wave Certified Hub to operate
  • Tested to work with SmartThings, Vera, Staples Connect, HomeSeer, Nexia , Piper, URC, Harmony. Not supported by Wink, DSC, ADT Puls, 2Gig, Napco, Interlogix, Honeywell (Dome is not associated with listed brands)


Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor

dome-z-wave-plusThe Dome Z-Wave Plus Door/Window Sensor allows you to easily keep track of doors, windows and cabinets within your home, while it’s sleek design help keeps it visually pleasing.

With Dome, allows you to easily keep track of doors, windows, and cabinets at your home. This sensor can respond to real-time events by sending alerts to your smartphone when the home door, window or garage door is left open

With a Dome Z-Wave Plus Door can even alert you when cabinets containing dangerous cleaning supplies, medication. Such as Dome Hub is required to operate the door cabinets With Dome, always connected to operate.

Dome Z-Wave Plussmart-home-solutions, allows you to easìly keep track of doors, wìndows, and cabìnets at your home. Also, There ìs a 3-year battery lìfe, so you can always be confìdent that your sensor has power. The sensor measures 2.75 ìn long x 0.8 ìn hìgh x 0.8 ìn wìde and the magnet measures 1.6 ìn long x 0.5 ìn hìgh x 0.5 ìn wìde.


Technical Details

 – Item Dimensions: 0.08 x 0.08 x 2.75 inches
 – Shipping Weight: 0.15 pounds


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