10 Best Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

Eco-Friendly : Open any newspaper or magazine today and chances you will come across at least one article on global warming and climate change. These are no longer vague terms found within environmental journals but harsh and worrying realities of the times that we live in. Are the gifts that we shower on our loved ones contributing to our planet’s longevity or reducing it?

Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas

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[dropcap type=”e.g. circle or none” color=”#ffffff” background=”#e53b2c”] T [/dropcap]ruth be told, unless we turn into social recluses there is no way to avoid the many gift-giving occasions that regularly pop up in one’s life. However, we can choose to make a conscious decision to buy/ make only environment-friendly gifts and do our bit to save our suffering planet. So, the next birthday/ anniversary/ celebration that comes your way is perfect for showing your ‘green’ commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Here are some of the top 10 eco-friendly gifts that are not just great in themselves but also easy on the conscience!

1. Organic apparel and accessories

Terry robes or towels made only with organic cotton or bamboo (yes, bamboo!) make great (romantic) gifts for a wife on your anniversary. Other equally wonderful options include organic comforters, bedding and bed sheets.

2. Gifts made from recycled paper

Celebratory cards, attractively designed recycled paper bags, albums and journals and even paper lanterns feature here. Stores these days are stocking on Oriental-styled lanterns that are solar-powered and do not require electricity to be operated. They create a charming ambiance quite their own.

3. Natural and organic personal care products

Were you aware that there are even such things as non-toxic nail polish removers? More and more people are becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the damage that indiscriminate misuse of natural resources and chemicals has caused. The result is the growing popularity of natural and organic beauty products that are free from harmful chemicals. Sponsor gift certificates to a green spa which are quite the rage already.

4. Go practical with a ‘green’ twist!

Spin drying clothes in the washing machine consumes huge amounts of electricity over time. The alternative is startling in its simplicity. A wooden drying rack that cuts down electricity bills dramatically and uses natural sunlight and air! In addition, you help save on power usage and reduce pollution by giving the laundry dryer a miss.

5. Organic foodstuffs

These are slowly but surely finding their way more and more into gift lists. Load up on organic cookies, beans and cereals and juices and create an exotic gift basket made of hand-woven reed. Organic through and through!

6. Help support a ‘green’ cause

Give the gift of a tree or even a potted plant — a symbol of everlasting, ‘evergreen’ love. Packets of assorted seedlings or saplings make thoughtful gifts as well.

7. Kitchen accessories with a difference!

Bamboo crockery and wooden spoons and ladles not only help towards saving the planet but also add a delightful flourish to boring kitchen walls and dining tables. Since bamboo absorbs much less moisture than other wood surfaces, it is the ideal material for chopping and cutting boards. Its relatively scratch-resistance surface will make it looking almost new even after years of use.

8. Solar-powered watches

The solar energy received in a one single hour here on earth is said to equal the sum of a year’s energy consumption of the world. Phew! That’s something, isn’t it? So, solar-powered gadgets work on the principle that solar energy utilises this huge amount of light energy and converts it into electrical energy. The result? Even a ray of sunlight keeps the battery of solar-powered watch charged and running!

9. A home DIY recycling kit

There’s a growing tribe of environment-conscious people these days which is a staunch practitioner of recycling every scrap that ordinarily used to make its way to the garbage bin. To help them achieve their mission in style, why not gift a home DIY recycling kit? Or, even an attractive ceramic-coated compost bin for recycling kitchen waste.

10. A bicycle!

Seriously, there’s enough stress in one’s lifestyles today without having to breathe in noxious vehicular fumes as well. Help ease the congestion on the roads with a nifty bicycle. Great for the environment, great for the disused leg muscles and the perfect way to combat obesity and stress!

So, is green your favourite colour? If not, ‘waste’ (pun intended) no time in making it!



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