10 Trendy Designs of Bathtubs for a Lavish Bathroom

Designs of Bathtubs

One of the effortless ways to bathroom remodel is to place a stunning bathtub, which will give you a luxurious look to your bathroom. It will transform your so-so bathroom into the alluring one. Just think about it- from normal and boring bath to spa-like bath. Are you enthralled? If you are looking for something beyond the basic, then these 10 trendy bathtub designs will surely help you:


1. Soaker Tub in Trough-style Sink:

Soaker tub in a trough-style sink is one of the appealing designs when it comes to luxury for many house owners. It comes in a long rectangular shape; it is deep and will provide you enough space to relax.

2. Free-standing Tub:

If you really want to get a feeling of spat your home, then this hand-finished tub in pure copper will be the perfect one for you. It comes in different sizes and the best thing of this tub is that there’s no chance of overflowing of water.

3. Claw foot Tub:

Old designs are coming back into fashion with a modern twist just like 19th century’s claw foot tub. If you want to make your bathroom a romantic place, then flower decorated, single slipper claw foot white tub would be the best tub for you. Its visual appearance will give your bathroom a modish look.

4. Huge Ergonomic Tub:

This vessel with curvy lines, is huge enough to accommodate two people. Its polished detailing will make it a beautiful treasure of your bathroom. The most important part to consider is it provides adequate support to your neck, back and head which will give you a relaxing experience.

5. Infinity Tub:

Infinity bathtub, borrowing the design of Infinity pools in a smaller scale, will make you feel like you are taking bath near a lake – it is that different. It is just like the soaking tub but the unique design of channel or drain makes it look different from all. You don’t need to worry about the overflow of water as it is collected in the designed channel which is then pumped and recirculated through your water.

6. Petal-shaped Tub:

Offering a different perspective to bathroom design, this bathtub is one of the dream tubs of many people. Shaped like a petal, this tub is not only the centrepiece but also a work of art. On the top of that, you can also utilize the space beneath the petal for small bookshelf or a dressing stool.

7. Ciotole Tub:

Ciotole tub looks like two diagonal basins but, it is designed from a single piece of skilfully carved marble. This sculpture design will give your bathroom a lavish look.

8. Oval-shaped Tub with White Swirls:

Giving a chic look, this tub is one of its own kind. It is oval-shaped with white swirls around a surface of charcoal-colored veneer like a stripe. If you want to be a trendsetter, then this tub in your bathroom remodel will be a perfect fit.

9 Spacious Rounded Triangular Tub:

Creating a natural sense of peacefulness, this rounded triangular tub is spacious and is suitable for big bathrooms. This rounded triangular shaped tub looks comfortable and will make your bathing experience much more enjoyable.

10. Egg-shaped Tub

If you aren’t afraid of heights, then this will surely make you feel like you are the king of this universe. This egg-shaped bathtub will give you a comfort to your back and head as it is a bit heighted from one side. If you are giving thoughts on placing this tub, then it would be a breath-taking concept for your bathroom.


With these top 10 bathtub designs, the wait and confusion should be over, if you are preparing for your bathroom renovation. Add some of the above-mentioned accessories to your bathroom and experience next-level enjoyment.


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