But there is a way to achieve it. Science says that the best way to be productive in the morning is to complete a simple task to start (how to lay your bed), and we also believe that the best way to improve your home is to start with something small and with a plan. Turning your ideal home into a reality step by step and putting a date on it is the best way to achieve it. At www.10ion.com you will find all the Buyer’s Guide for home improvement products.

To help you meet these goals this year, we put together this monthly list of tasks that will dramatically improve how your home looks and feels – without removing just one tool. Are you ready to take your home to the next level? Do it with your 12 step plan:


Surely you have a busy start to the year, and it may seem easy to leave a new project pending, especially if it is overwhelming, but it is important to start somewhere. A great way to start small is to focus on a small space, like your closet. Take it all out, and get rid of all the excess and the things you never use. See how to go shopping at home, you will surely discover things you didn’t even remember you had. Once you’ve chosen your new wardrobe, you can start putting everything in its place: sort everything by color and use different organizers inside the shelves and drawers to keep everything under control for longer. The more you have everything in your hand, the easier it will be to keep everything organized.


Once you complete your first task of the year successfully, they will give you more desire to continue with the rest of your house. Or even if you do not have them, do not lose your rhythm in February and continue with other spaces in your home. Start with the kitchen and continue with other shelves, furniture, shelves, drawers and even in that box that you did not remember but that is full of things you did not remember either. We all have one.


This month we say goodbye to winter and we welcome you to spring, in the ideal month to focus on improving your sleep. Surprisingly, sleeping better has a lot to do with the decoration of your room, and simple changes will make a difference. Think about why you may have trouble sleeping. What Things Needs to consider before online shopping when you are buying mattress? Do you sleep in an awkward position? How about the lighting and noise in your bedroom? Do you always wake up cold at night? Making a few slight changes, you can solve your insomnia and get on the road to a better night’s sleep. Find what you may be missing sleep with our guide on how to decorate your bedroom to sleep better.


Why Reviews are important for the dining table? Surely you have a dining table, but are you really using it? If you have breakfast at the kitchen counter and dinner watching TV, it’s time to be a little more adult and give yourself time to eat at the table. Think why not use this space: it is not very comfortable? Does he lack light? Do you feel sorry for inviting your friends? Setting the table, entering the mood and sitting down to dinner at your table worthy of Instagram is all you need to improve this time of day.


No need to remodel to make your bathroom feel luxurious and comfortable – even if you live in a small room with these very easy tips that improve the look and functionality of your bathroom. First, it attacks the root problem. Organization and storage are your new slogans: Do you have many Product Reviews for the shower that you do not know where to put? Consider additional storage. Have your towels and your shower curtain seen better days? It’s time to update them. You have no place to hang them? Consider a towel rack or door rack to save space. Now that you know the basic needs for your bathroom, you can choose the accessories that, besides being functional, have a lot of style.


Technology is your ally to control from the light of your house to your fridge. If you are a fan, you already have some of this installed at home, check if there is an app that can help you control it remotely. There are also apps for you to save time by doing your day-to-day things, like asking the super, doing repairs and cleaning your house. There is an app for everything. If you’re not so technological, just start with a specific place to load all your devices as a tablet and cell phone, and start incorporating technology to get rid of the cables. Speaking of which, give yourself time to recycle all your electronic waste, the planet will thank you and you will be released, at least, until the next iPhone comes out.


Imagine for a second that you are on vacation. Which is your destination? You had to spend the holidays at home. Or worse – you do not have vacations and you only have free weekends? A less explored and very interesting option is to stay at home and be a tourist in your own city. Maybe you want to disconnect and finally take a break. Maybe you want to get out of the routine and enjoy new experiences. All that is possible this summer.


Get organized for the return to classes (who does not get excited, even if you do not go to school) or at least to return from vacation, from the entrance of your home. It will be easier to get to and leave the house if you can find everything in one place. To achieve this, make sure you have a functional hanger to hang everything: for small spaces we recommend one wall, and for those who have more space one floor. Try changing your shoes when you get home, and have a pair that you only use at home, will also help keep the house cleaner. Place a small table or shelf where you have a space for your keys, mail and anything else that you always forget when you leave home. Once it is 100% functional, you can give it a few touches to make it look as good as it works.


There are those who prepare this month for the Christmas season, visionaries who know that they will spend a lot of time in their room – resting with a good book on cold days or at seasonal meetings. Before entering fully the end of the year season, take some time to improve this area. Be honest: if you only have the most basic – a sofa, your TV and a coffee table – it’s time to take your space to the next level and bring some accessories to make it richer to spend time in your living room. Add a rug, a side table to put your books or your coffee, or finally hang that box you have saved. Also think about creating the ideal environment through light, and if you like to organize meetings at home, make sure everyone has a place to sit and support their drinks.


The time change comes, and with it, the light changes: that your main source of illumination is not a sad focus in the middle of the room. Think about where you need more or less light? Would you like to regulate it by means of a dimmer? In your corner to read, in your desk? How about in the hall? Think of adding points of light in all rooms with table lamps and place them at eye level (either sitting or standing, depending on the room) to have a more flattering lighting, and scatter these points of light throughout the room – Ideally forming a triangle.


Take some time before the holiday season to update your tools and try new recipes. From the basics of everyday life like your crockery and cutlery to more complex accessories, you will feel like a chef with new accessories. Be relentless with the utensils that had better days like rusty knives, those baking molds you never used, and other things you practically do not use. If you plan it well, you can replace whatever is necessary during the Good End.


We keep the task more fun (and easy) for the end because surely you’ll be in the Christmas mood and party. The end of the year is a very intense time, so we do not want to give you one more thing to do. It’s time to create your bar at home and try your palate in the art of mixology: forget about the vats and pigeons and learn to prepare a new drink at home. Everything you need for your mini bar is a tray, shelf or cart, and find some recipes on Pinterest to get started. You will be an excellent host at all Christmas gatherings.

Save this guide and return every month to create your ideal home, step by step. Find everything you need to fulfill your list every month with our furniture and accessories.




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