16 Affordable Tips for a Classy Home Makeover

If you have been perusing home décor magazines and found certain trends extremely appealing, you should not wait to start working on your latest home improvement project.



Surely, latest trends can transform the look of your home, but you need to know how to prepare and execute those ideas appropriately, especially if you are going to do most work on your own.



Think about preparation for home makeover

1. First, know what you need to do first and the best day to do it. For instance, if you are painting your kitchen cabinets with a new color, you should do it on the day when you are not expecting any guests.

2. Buy all the supplies needed. Whether you require paint, electricity cables, extra wood or metal rods, shop at your nearest hardware store before you begin your project.

3. Safety should always be a priority. No matter how experienced you are with tools, you must ensure the safety of yourself and others. A pair of gloves, a smock and a welding helmet from getweldinghelmet.com will provide you good protection.

4. Clear your workspace and lay newspapers or an old sheet on the floor to make cleaning easier.



1. When it comes to execution, know what’s in and what’s out. For instance, getting rid of wood paneling and adding a splash of color can change the look completely.

2. Start with a project you believe you will be able to finish. Completing this project will keep you motivated for the next.

3. Declutter the room you are working on and give it a whole new look. Simply adding a new item to the room (like a cabinet) won’t transform it.

4. Think of ways to save money when executing new ideas. For example, you can break apart an old dresser to make something new instead of buying completely new material. Here are more thoughts:

Affordable home makeover ideas

1. You can make a small living room look spacious with different living room design techniques, like playing with angles while reorganizing furniture.

2. Improve your old bedroom furniture using a quilt or an old fabric to create a new headboard.

3. Use furniture and prop up art to hide unpleasant fixtures (like cords, radiator, etc).

4. Change up the accessories in the bathroom including candles, toiletry holders and so on.

5. Lay down an appropriately sized rug in any room to improve the overall look.

6. Place potted plants or trees in empty corners to give the room a vibrant look.

7. Paint details in a contrasting, darker color including door and window frames.

8. Change the knobs and pulls on your cabinets and drawers.

9. Transform a bookshelf by painting the back and sides with contrasting colors.

10. Improve your bed by adding bed curtains or increasing its height using bed lifts.

11. Hang multiple frames on an empty wall.

12. Shine your wooden or tiled floors to create a fresh, spacious feeling in the room.

13. Make your own miniature windowsill garden using small, potted plants.

14. Add new accents in a room by adding throw pillows, lampshades or a carpet.

15. Build a plywood box and paint it for a comfortable window nook.

16. Group your accessories and decoration pieces with distinct themes.