3 Home Security Tips and Guidelines You Never Thought Of.

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A merican consumers spend over $20 billion a year on home security. With the addition of a home security system and alarm monitoring, a homeowner can keep burglars at bay. While these standard security additions are important, there are other things a homeowner can do to secure their residence.

Thinking outside of the box is essential when trying to stay one step ahead of criminals. Consulting with security experts is a great way to find out more about unconventional methods of securing a home. Read below to find out more about home security tips you probably haven’t thought of.

1. Dowell Rods Can Come in Handy

A state-of-the-art security system is a great way to keep a home and the things in it safe. However, there are blind spots that a homeowner may fail to consider when trying to make their residence more secure. If your home has a sliding glass door, you need to work on increasing the stability and resilience it has. Most glass doors can be easily knocked off track and used as an access point for burglars. If you want to make it harder for burglars to use the sliding glass door as a means of getting into your home, then wooden dowel rods can be helpful.

Putting these dowel rods in the track of the sliding glass door will help to secure it. When trying to find the right dowel rods, be sure to focus on both the thickness and durability they have. Ideally, you want to get the strongest dowel rods you can possibly find. In most cases, you can find these dowel rods at your local hardware store.

2. Think About Moving Your Alarm Keypad

Most homeowners fail to realize that burglars are constantly casing residential structures to gain information about how to enter them undetected. One of the biggest mistakes most homeowners make is putting their alarm keypad at their front door. If a burglar figures out your alarm code, they can easily gain access to the home and turn it off.

This is why you need to think outside the box when figuring out where to put this keypad. Putting this important piece of security equipment out of view can help you keep your home safe from intruders.

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3. Be Mindful of Where You Put Valuables

Another important thing you need to do when trying to make your home more secure is to be mindful of where you put valuables. The first place burglars will look when trying to find valuables is in the master bedroom. This is why you need to avoid putting your prized possession in this area. Investing in a floor safe is a great idea. Putting this safe in a somewhat hidden place can help you keep your valuables safe in the event of a burglary.

Work With Security professionals

Instead of trying to secure a home on your own, you need to consult with experienced professionals. An experienced security company can help you get every part of your home more secure.


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