5 Best Tips for Roof Cleaning

roof cleaning

Roof cleaning is hugely important for any home for a long-lasting and neat look. Leaving the tiles or surface of the roof without cleaning can do severe damage, especially in the area where temperature constantly changes, have exposure to direct sunlight and high perception levels in the year.

Irregular cleaning and ignorance can lead to developing decay, dirt and algae on your roofs. And, sometimes, you face hazardous situations like expensive repairs and replacement of the roof. So, it is better to do keep regular maintenance of your roof part to avoid such situations.

Learn some best tips for your roof cleaning:

Timely clean debris

After every fall and winter, it is sure your home roofs will have some debris. So, removing the debris on time is necessary. It can stick inside roof gutters which cause leakage of water.

  • For cleaning debris, you do not need any expert supervision. Here is how you can do it by yourself:
  • First, of all, take a strong ladder and a companion to hold it from the bottom.
  • Put on gloves and use a rake or leaf blower to get rid of debris.
  • You can also cleanthe debris by your hands (make sure you put on gloves while cleaning process).
  • Now, use pressure water to completely clean the roof.

Say no to power-pressure cleaning

Most of us think that roof pressure cleaning can better clean the dirt. But, in fact, high-pressure washers can cause damage to concrete tiles or roofing shingles. The matter is that the high volume of water can seep through the tiny gaps of tiles and cause roof leakage. Sometimes, it also causes damagelike striping and ruining of material of surface of your concrete tiles. However, to remove mould, mildew and fungus in deeper areas, this method is great.

Soft-wash or chemical cleaning

Soft washing with chemicals is simple and alternative to pressure washing method. In this method, a cleaner is added to water and mildly sprayed out on the roof. The chemical cleaner breaks down any fungus or algae developed on the roof area and do not need any high-pressure watering to remove them. Moreover, these chemical cleaners are safe for the roof materials and do not discolour the tiles.

It would be best if you used these cleaners manually by using a small trowel or a brush with small bristles. You can use moderate water flow to clean them all.

Clean the gutters or waterways

The roof gutters and roof cleaning are important equally to clean. If any dirt or debris get stuck inside them, it will clog the drains. Clogs cause water leakage and severe damage to your home. Mostly, in the autumn season, when falling leaves and twigs on a high rate, it would be troublesome. That’s why regular cleaning of gutters is essential to ensure that water doesn’t retain in gutters and roofs

Frequent checks after severe weather

There are more chances of damage after harsh weather conditions like thunderstorms, heavy snowfalls, and the high-speed wind blows. In such circumstances, debris and snow need to be removed as soon as possible to prevent any further damage. During high rains, you can also cover your roof with sheets. Otherwise, the algae will develop and becomes hard to clean.


Roof cleaning is important just like the other house cleaning tasks. After any bad weather hit, it is essential to deep clean your roofs to avoid any damage. Otherwise, the mould, algae or any other organic matter can cover the tiles, which leadto expensive repairs or professional cleaning. So, follow the above-said tips for your roof cleaning process.


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