5 Plumbing Issues One Cannot Solve On Their Own

Plumbing problems can be the most frowning thing ever possible. Plumbing problems are not lone cases – rather they are common to every household. Ask anyone and everybody will vouch to be a victim of plumbing worries several times in their lives. In fact, they are recurrent problems and there is no guarantee of future occurrence of similar things. The most annoying part is when you fix a specific plumbing issue, the other follows suit sooner or later. In fact, plumbers are the most frequent visitors to your house.

Generally, we spend considerable time in the loo or the kitchen – hence issues with water leakage, low water pressure, and improper drainage can put us in a fix. We are clueless since we do not have DIY expertise. The only solution at disposal is to call a professional service provider such as  www.greenplanetplumbing.com.au who can get the issue fixed in the fastest time possible.

We all face several problematic things related to plumbing. But hardly can we get it done by ourselves. Before problems take a turn for the worse it is advisable to find remedial measures.

The top 5 Plumbing Issues which need remedial attention of the plumbers have been highlighted here:

  1. Low/ Weak Water Pressure: It makes bathing and washing difficult. Such a situation might arise due to several reasons – the most common being the presence of iron in the water which clogs and prevents the normal flow of water through the faucet head. It might also be an indication of a much bigger problem with the entire water pipe system of your house. There might be an accumulation of mineral or sediment or rust at the main water source from the roof tank or from an underwater reservoir.
  2. Faucet Dripping: Due to mechanical defects or due to wear and tear of faucet parts, and rusty gasket or washer, dripping can happen to lead to unnecessary wastage of water. On top, the pitter-patter sound of dripping water is irritating.
  3. Improper Sink Drainage: This leads to dirty, greasy water standing in the sink due to the accumulation of kitchen debris, hair and any large object apparently choking the drain pipe underneath. Slow-draining sink is always annoying and pathetically takes a toll on work time.
  4. Running Toilet: Right after flushing if you keep on hearing the sound of water filling up the tank better know you are facing the problem of running toilet. This leads to wastage of water. Usually, the culprit is an aging or defective rubber plunger placed at the juncture of the tank and commode bowl.
  5. Clogged Toilet: This is one of the most horrible situations you can land up in. Drains underneath can get clogged by the combined action of human fecal waste, toilet paper waste or accidental dropping of an object.

There are few others which deserve mention like faulty water heater and jammed garbage disposal, which are absolutely undesired. Take immediate action if you face any kind of plumbing disasters. Else end up paying more on water consumption and electric expense bills. Call a plumber to prevent precious water from going down the drain without any utility.

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