5 Reasons Why You Should Install Awnings at Your Home

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There are two things in Australia that cause bodily harm and property damage – dangerous wildlife and the sun. While you can adequately protect yourself from the wildlife with enough vigilance and an adequate 12 gauge hunting shotgun, the vibrant star in the centre of our solar system might not so easily submit to kinetic accelerator weapons or angry shaking of fists. What you need here are some good-quality retractable awnings.

Awnings are very popular here in Australia, and for a good reason. They offer adequate protection from the elements, while also being relatively affordable and easy to install. And if your arm is getting tired from shaking your fist at the sun, put it down for a quick second, and read our 5 reasons why you should install awnings at your home.

Protection from the Elements

The number one reason people buy awnings is to protect their patio and garden elements from harsh weather. Whether it be the sun, snow, or rain, awnings do an excellent job of preventing damage to any furniture you might have out of your house and allow you to enjoy your time on your patio without being burned to a crisp or becoming soaking wet.

As far as Australia goes, people mostly buy awnings to protect themselves from the intense heat, as well as protect their furniture and decking from sun bleaching. As you know, prolonged exposure to intense sunlight can wear even the most resistant colours, due to the UV rays causing chemical reactions in the paint itself. As for yourself, you risk higher chances of contracting skin cancer when exposing yourself to intense sunlight, which makes awnings all the more necessary addition to your home.

They’re Economic

Awnings not only protect you and your furniture but your wallet as well. When buying quality awnings Sydney dwellers usually take financial repercussions of installing them into account. Awnings are a long-term investment, as they provide an additional layer of insulation for your home, which significantly reduces your energy bills. In the summer, your AC is probably working round the clock to keep up with the scorching heat, but, with a pair of well-placed awnings, you’ll let much less heat into your home. Conversely, during the colder months, you’re keeping precipitation away, as well as cold wind from lashing your walls and windows, which prevents cooling of the walls and keeps heat from dissipating for longer.

With that being said, the awnings themselves are being lashed by the elements. Make sure you take their maintenance and possible replacement costs into account. At this point, it’s maybe even more prudent to invest a little more in retractable awnings, as they do not suffer the ill effects of the elements all the time, meaning there’s less wear and tear overall.

Expanding Your Living Space

If you do have a patio, and you’re intending you use it frequently, the awnings are a great way of expanding your living space. The awnings will not only keep your occasional visitors cool and your all-important company BBQ at peak performance, but they’ll also allow you to use the space as a living area almost year-round. Not to mention, this is much better than having to actually do construction and turn the space into a room that is a part of the house. This way, you’re creating another room for just the low, low cost of a quality pair of awnings.

They’re Flexible

One thing people tend to underestimate when it comes to awnings is their incredible flexibility and diversity. Awnings come in many shapes and sizes, not just fixed versus retractable ones. Companies let you pick out the colours for your canvas, as well as any decorations you might wish to put on it, like logos or pictures. When it comes to retractable awnings, you can install a simple, manual mechanism, or you can get ones with motors, for that extra dose of smug satisfaction when you show them off before your friends. Many such awnings come with apps that can be installed on mobile devices, allowing full control of them at the tip of your finger. How cool is that!


All in all, if you’re living in the sunny Land Down Under, there is no reason not to invest in some awnings. As we said, they’re affordable, flexible and economical, and they will make a great addition to your home for years to come.


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