5 Tips for Winning Your New Home


Buying a new home brings bitter as well as a sweet experience. Your unshakable determination to have your roof in this big challenging world does not let you surrender. It is a journey through bumpy roads that has a pleasant end. However, to reach that end, you need some anchors that can smoothen the obstacles that may cross your way.

Here are some useful tips that can help to win your new ‘home sweet home’

  1. Organise personal finances

Home buying is a big decision, and that comes with many responsibilities. From start to end, you are the only player on the property ladder as only your finances come on the dissection table. From the recent financial behaviour to the income, everything comes under scrutiny.

Work on the following aspects –

  • Save as much as possible, and you need to gather funds for a deposit.
  • Pay the bills and other debts on time to avoid a fall in credit score.
  • Try not to take any new loan as the mortgage is the ultimate reality of a homebuyer. Keep space in creditworthiness.
  • Create an emergency fund of at least 3 months
  • Keep the credit card debts minimum


  1. Do not rely on promotions visit the site during the property search

Lavish looking pictures in a magazine or on a billboard on a highway can be glittery, but they are also away from the actuality. The real estate promotions may astray you from the hidden truths. The mention of features of a residential project describes all the positive things. Location, proximity to essential facilities, green area and whatnot.

It would be best if you never rely on the words and pictures in the advertisements. Visit the site and see things from your eyes and then match the reality from the commitments given in the promotional material. Take a ride of the proximity to get the hint of the area and its compatibility to daily routine needs.

Talk to the developer or any other concerned person. It is advisable to visit the other projects or sites to know the level of reliability. Your final decision on the property should be backed with the knowledge of all the crucial aspects.

  1. Look for the options that can add value in the future

Adding value to property means the possibilities of its enhanced use in the future. For example – a backyard, conservatory, or a space that can be developed in a garden later. These things increase the value of your property in the future.

Buying a home demands a smart decision, and that can happen only if you focus on all the necessary aspects. Property is one of the most promising options of investment, and it is always considered from the magnifying glass of future possibilities. It will help if you do not miss any chance to get a home that does not depreciate but becomes higher in value.

  1. Confirm the ‘what’s included’ list

There are few things come with home as additional. They are included in the price, but in the name of convenience and luxury, the developer provides them installed in the property. Washing machine, dishwasher, air condition, wooden flooring, floor carpets etc. are some examples.

In some cases, they are optional; you can keep them or can get them removed. That may also affect the price in total. Always confirm the additional things from the builder. Sometimes such things become the cause of a big issue later.

More you stay on your toes in this concern, and better is the clarity. Real estate is an industry of uncertainties. You always need to make efforts to see the hidden things. Every small factor can add to the total price of the home. Why stay careless, get in the profound depth and judge things on facts.

  1. Property final?? Great! Never forget to reserve with a reservation fee

It takes a lot of time and effort to reach a final decision and select a home that deserves to be your roof. Every corner of that place is unique, and there is something very unusual about it, which is why you picked it. Do you want to lose it now? Certainly not. Then without any delay, reserve the property.

Do the due formality of reservation. The developer will never wait for you. The moment he gets a new customer or buyer, he is sure to offer the house. Promises without the backing of money do not work in the real estate. The only best way to hold a property is to reserve it. The fee for the purpose can be minimum £500 to maximum £2000 or 25000.

Now the financial arrangement – MOST IMPORTANT

After all the tips and tricks to win your new home quickly, it is time to talk about the money thing. Of course, you cannot miss talking about that when it is about a big purchase.

A mortgage is the first thing to present its importance in the process. The moment you finalise the property, start searching for a lender. However, this can be a daunting task, as it demands a good knowledge of the mortgage industry. As a common person, you may not know things very finely. In such conditions, support may be required.

How about brokers? They are aware of the nook and cranny of the market and can bring to you the best possible deal. Oh, you are worried about the brokerage?? Do not worry, most of the brokers take their fees from the lenders directly, and for the borrowers, their services are entirely free. Besides, to save time, you should always go for an online mortgage broker in the UK. They are easy to reach 24×7 and have a big panel of lenders.


Every single effort is vital buying a new home. If you know the actual process, it is possible to turn the bitter into better. Acquire as much knowledge as possible, and you can make an easy way to your new home. Stay rational and calculative to avoid any regretful decision. All the best and congratulations in advance for being an ‘about to be’ homeowner.


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