6 Ideas Have Fun Time with Your Children

Y ou’ve heard it said, – “kids spell love time!” Children can be such a joy to be around! They have an exuberance that is catching. They know how to enjoy themselves with the simplest of things. When you spend time with your children it adds in ways beyond what can be comprehended in terms of their development and happiness. The time that will let our children know that we love and care for them.


Have Fun


Their children need direct interaction and affection from their parents – your kids need you to be there.

The challenges of juggling our adult lives can often prevent us from savoring the moments of childhood. It’s not unusual for parents to forget how to enjoy their children because they have so much on their minds.

Try using some of these ideas for having a little fun with your child

Teach your child to cook with you

Let them “cook” with you. As you cook, have your children there with you in the kitchen. Find an easy recipe where your children can do most of the work. Give them their cooking utensils and TALK to them about what they’re prepared as you’re making dinner.

Show them the steps of what you’re doing…Let them see the steamy vegetables, cooking to know that they’re hot, narrate what you’re doing. Ask them to help you stir; they love that! Will make your children feel very special. Take pictures of them, mess and all, so you have something to remember the day of fun.

Color a picture together

You’ll need fun, colorful paper and crayons. Stickers add to the fun, as well. Make sure to ask questions about what he/she is drawing and tell them how beautiful the picture is. Make a big deal out of it, and hang the picture in a special place when you’re finished.

Read some books together

Let your child pick out the book if he/she is old enough. Rhyming books are great for younger children. As most entertaining voices you can, and as your child gets old enough, let him/her contribute to the storytelling by saying the words that go next. Ask your child questions about what’s happening in the story. The more involved they are in the reading, the more likely they are to enjoy reading as they grow up.

Learn Together

Take a local pottery class, art class or some other sort of class with your child. Find out what they spend interested in and time learning about it with them. This is a great activity for your child and a great time for you with them.

Homemade crafts

Homemade Christmas Crafts are a great way to entertain your children during the Christmas season. You can use these crafts to make decorations, as well as create some pretty nice gifts to give to family and friends. What you make is only limited by your imagination, and your children will enjoy it too.

Outside and play with them

If it’s nice outdoors, go outside and play with them. Toss a ball or play hopscotch. If the weather is cold and snowy you could always have a snowball fight. Think of games you played as a child. If you had fun playing them, it’s a good chance your children will have fun, too.

The key to having fun with your children is making time to actually “be” with them in any and every way you can. Have fun and enjoy it, and they will too. Most anything can be fun if you do it together.


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