6 tips for your dining room lighting for your next in-house party

If you are preparing to have guests home for a meal, then the menu is not the only thing you need to worry about. The arrangement of the room, along with the right kind of lighting ensures they have an amazing experience while they cherish the meal. The lighting needs to feel slightly dramatic to encompass the party vibe, and also be ambient at the same time. So, here are six easy lighting tips to try at home to prepare your dining area for an in-house party.

1. Pick a Majestic Centerpiece: Chandeliers and center pendants are an amazing addition to your homes. These are statement features to the dining room that introduce ambient light as well as create a focal point to the area. You can use soft light colors such as warm yellow and work with dimming switches for adjustable lighting options. Chandeliers are a traditional choice for extravagant spaces. This is a more dramatic dining room lighting option to explore. Such lighting ideas can go well with long center tables and large seating capacity.

Majestic Centerpiece

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Modern art inspired mini pendant lights are among the best choice to match your stylish décor. Industrial-inspired steel pendants are also trending these days, and incorporating these in your décor can be amazing. These modern fixtures fit well over kitchen counters as well as in your dining space and can light up the place well. Oversized metallic pendant lights are the best example of such designs. They are appropriate for small and cozy dining areas. Keep the table decorations to a minimum to ensure that the lighting and decor don’t seem like overkill.

2. Candles and lanterns: There is nothing that oozes elegance and class better than lanterns and candles. They introduce a sophisticated and retro vibe to space and also offer ambient lighting. Candles, if utilized well during dinner parties can make sure your home is well decorated and gorgeously lit. You can have a corner for placing a series of candles to add subtle lighting to the room. You can also work with a series of lanterns hanging or placed around the table. These will go well with floral decoration during your dinner parties. Choose a couple of scented candles to please your guests with gorgeous lighting and enticing aroma.

. Candles and lanterns

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3. Wall lighting with ornate sconces: If you are looking for traditional decor for your dining space, then ornate sconces can be a wonderful way of lighting your room. You can add simple lighting to the wall using decorative lights that add some art and fun to the décor. The metal fixtures add an antique look to the room, and with elegant light designs and lampshades, you can bring back the reflection of elegance and class in your décor. These also add subtle lighting to the area and you can place them well to highlight the walls or decorations around the dining area or any other feature in the room. Use ornate sconces in combination with pendants or chandeliers to add more light to the room. Wooden furniture matched with these metallic fixtures on the wall will create a rustic look to your dining space. You can also explore some metal furniture to bring a lawn dining kind of style inside your home. These mystical lights will please your guests with its flawless grace.

Wall lighting with ornate sconces

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4. Mix up: Using a combination of decorative and practical lights can ensure your room brims with light, along with looking amazing. Pot lights, when utilized in the right places cab light up the areas where you require more light. Spread and place them across your ceiling to offer enough brightness at any time of the day. You can match them by adding centerpieces, lanterns, or small light fixtures to the walls and tables which can help you emphasize the main dining area. For a large dining space, you can also look for multiple lighting fixtures instead of depending completely on one central lighting. Hanging a grid of fixtures such as pendants, lanterns, scones in random patterns can make the room look well lit and extravagant. You can also utilize spotlights in combination with this dramatic lighting mix up.

Mix up

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5. Accentuate your ceiling: Your ceiling is the best place to explore different lighting combinations. If you have gone for detailing your ceiling, then central lighting might not be the best choice to balance it. If you want to decorate your ceiling in different styles and patterns, start by lighting the perimeter. It can help to create an artistic detailing to the living space. It introduces subtle lighting to the room that brings a sophisticated vibe to space. You can also add small fixtures on the walls to match the ceiling lighting to bring ambient light to your living space. This will also accent the detailing you have done to your ceiling. You can explore geometric patterns for the lighting fixtures in your ceiling to brim your dining space with a wonderful flow of light. This will light up the party with gorgeous colors.

Accentuate your ceiling

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6. Floor and Table lamps: If your ceiling fixtures and pendants cannot bring enough light, then shift the burden to floor lamps. Various styles of floor lamps are available today that curve and offer light even in corners that cannot use traditional lighting style. You can utilize these subtle lighting options to ensure your dining room is well lit. Similarly, you can work with table lamps that will mostly be decorative. These can complement the theme of your dining room or even bring a pop of color to space. These lamps can also be useful to focus on miniature decorative such as small sculptures or other items used in your dining room for decorative purposes. Place them near windows or close to your counters. These lights can be the best addition to rooms with just one or few lighting fixtures which cannot provide enough light to work.

Floor and Table lamps

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These simple tips will help you decorate your dining room in gorgeous lighting, making it party perfect.


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