7 Smart Systems for Organising Your Bathroom



Your bathroom is the one place in your home that you will certainly visit on a daily. Bathrooms can go a long way in determining your level of hygiene. So, it is important to keep everything clean and in order. Establishing order in the bathroom is actually easier than it seems if you have a plan.

If you’re looking to organize your bathroom, below are a few ideas that will help you out.:

1. Shower Curtain

You can get yourself a cheap shower curtain rod. This will help to cover your towels and other delicates as they dry out in your towel bar, from where they can drip dry into your bathtub. It makes your bathroom look better organized. Besides, I am sure you wouldn’t want your towels and items to be on display.

2. Discard Accessories No Longer In Use

There’s no point in keeping body products that are no more in use, expired hair accessories, and baskets of potpourri which does nothing but takes up space and gathers dust. Be sure to screen items in your bathroom to be certain that there are no irrelevant items lying around your bathroom. This will help to create space for you to neatly keep items that you need.

3. Regular and Thorough Cleanups

Regularly clean up your bathroom especially your glass shower panels. Do this after every shower in order to avoid the build-up of soap scum.

4. Craft a Mason Jar

If you ever run out of spaces to store items, you can craft small storage units like a mason jar to hold your cotton balls, toothbrushes and other necessaries.

5. Use Storage Bins

You can also opt for a storage bin to allow you to keep items such as toilet papers, hand towels, and bathroom reading. Having a storage to stash toilet papers and towels helps you create spaces in your storage to keep other items.

6. Try Laundry Bags

If you have kids around the house, there is no doubt that rubber ducks, alphabet letters and mermaid dolls covered in foam will be a frequent sight. To keep these dolls and have them properly dried up, you can use lingerie laundry bags to store them and have them hanged around the shower stall in order for them to drip dry.

7. Paint With a Nice Colour

Apart from giving your bathroom a beautiful look, giving your bathroom a nice color painting can help promote tranquillity. Also, using bright colors to paint your bathroom helps to make it appear larger. While at it, make sure to blend wall color and tile color in order to give your bathroom the feel of a continuous space. You can use colors like peach, cream, pink, aqua, yellow and white to give your bathroom a nice, beautiful look.

When it comes to organizing your bathroom, the key is making sure enough storage spaces are available to properly store all your items. A make use of often unused space. Do you have more room on your floor or on your walls for storage? Are you utilizing the space under your sink and in your cabinets efficiently? First, assess your space issues:



A regular cleanup will also ensure that your bathroom looks neat and well organized. You never know when you’ll have a visitor who will want to use your bathroom. So, it is necessary to make sure it is clean and in order at all times. With the above tips, you can surely achieve a well-organized bathroom.


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