7 Tips on How to Deep Clean Your Home

A clean and tidy house is a dream to return to at the end of the day. But a lot goes into maintaining a clean living space, especially if you are a working woman. If you are one of those who do not find time to clean around your home regularly, it is necessary for you to deep clean your home once in a while.

Deep cleaning of your house is essential to get rid of daily dirt build-up that may accumulate every day. It will also help you organize your things. It may be necessary for you to deep clean your home before moving out as well. Often, we resort to deep cleaning before the holiday season to get the house ready for the arrival of guests. Whatever the reason may be, the task is not a cakewalk.

The process of deep cleaning your home may be quite tedious and time-consuming. However, a little planning and organizing will help you finish it up faster.

If the deep cleaning season is upon you and you are not quite sure how to go about doing it, we will help you.

1) Declutter first

Declutter first

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Before beginning, you may divide your home into smaller areas. You can work on one area at a time. It will make the process easier. Also, it is necessary to declutter your space. If you are starting with the living room, make sure to remove everything items that you can, including furniture. Having an open space will be quite beneficial for you. Make sure to take off any carpets and curtains as well before starting. If not, you may end up spoiling them with cleaning liquids. Covering furniture with a cloth may be ideal. Another vital part of deep cleaning is to clean your closet. Just throw away things that are not you haven’t used for over 3-4 months. Remember, the lesser you have, the easier it is to clean.

2) Start from the ceilings to the floor

Now that you have an open space, you can start with the process. Begin from the roof and work your way down. Dust down any attachments on your ceilings, like light fixtures or fans. Paintings or clocks on the walls may have entirely some dust built up. You can use a soft cloth and a cleaning liquid to wipe them. A damp cloth will prevent the dust from falling on the floor. Also, you can wipe down your AC unit to clean it. You may need to vacuum the outer unit as it is more prone to accumulating dust. Some floorings need professional cleaning. There are many professionals for safe-dry hardwood floor cleaning in Memphis that will come in handy for you.

3) Finish with the tricky areas next

tricky areas

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The small areas in your home may need the utmost attention. If you have a space under the stairs or an additional closet in the living space, it may wise to finish with them. First, empty them and vacuum them clean. Then, you can mop them down to remove any remaining dust. Also, make sure to put back things that are still in use. It is better to throw away anything that is not in use for a long time. You can dust down your stairs and railings as well. Just make sure to scrub down any visible grout with a ball of steel wool.

4) Deep clean your kitchen

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The kitchen is an essential part of our home. It is also the area of the house that needs maximum cleaning. There are three main areas that you should focus on- cabinets, countertops, and appliances. You can start with the cabinets by wiping them down to remove any oil stains or fingerprints. Remove everything from the countertops running a damp arg across them. If you have any hard-to-remove stains, you can use a particular kitchen cleaner to tackle them. You can clean the microwave and refrigerator by washing the removable trays with soap and water and wiping down the outer surface. A solution of baking soda and warm water will help unclog a sink.

5) Deep clean your bedroom

Firstly, wipe down any major furniture in your bedroom, like the headboard of the bed or the wardrobe. Use a glass cleaner to clean all mirrors and glass surfaces. You can use the vacuum to get under the bed for any dust bunnies. Do not forget to turn over or rotate your mattress to extend its shelf life. If you have any bookshelves, dust them off as well.

6) Curtains and carpets are next

Curtains and carpets

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Curtains and carpets are quite notorious for accumulating dust. Your deep cleaning cannot be complete until your rugs and curtains and spotless and clean. However, there is not much you can do by yourself here. Both carpets and curtains are made of materials that are difficult to wash at home. Rugs are not easy to clean, while curtains may shrink. Therefore you should get them professionally cleaned. You can try cleaning your curtains by soaking them in the cold and rinsing them. For carpets, you may rent out a carpet cleaner instead if you think the mats do not need extensive cleaning.

7) Deep clean and maintain your electronics

Regular household electronics and appliances need deep cleaning too. You should wipe down television in the living area with a cleaning liquid. You can also clean the other appliances like the music system or the washer and dryer in the same way. If required, you may need to call in a service expert for maintenance. Regular upkeep of these appliances will help extend their life.


Deep cleaning your home may not be as difficult as it seems. You just need a bit of prior planning. Use the right tools and cleaning supplies with extra strength so that you don’t have to scrub too much. But once you complete, the smell, and sight of a clean home will truly make up for everything.

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