7 Top Staging Mistakes Home Sellers Must Avoid

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The biggest investment you ever made was undoubtedly your home.

Be it an apartment, or a large terraced house, you surely take pride in it, and when you decide to sell it for some reason or other, your main goal is to make it look as appealing and as desirable as possible.

Home staging is a critical part of managing to sell your house.

Your house might be really great, and it may offer various advantages, but you need to bear in mind that there are hundreds or thousands of similar properties currently for sale on the market.

To make things even more difficult, you also have to consider what your target market is looking for.

So as you shoot photos to post adverts of your house, and while you are eagerly getting visitors to view your house, do bear in mind the following home staging mistakes that most home sellers end up committing.

By doing so, your journey will become a great deal easier, and you will be able to sell up and settle in your new house more quickly.


1. Keeping It Way Too Personal

A potential buyer will want to envision themselves and their family living there.

So you need to avoid letting the house look too personal.

Obviously, your personal items, tastes and preferences are obviously going to be all over the place, especially if you are still living there.

However, you are going to lessen your house’s appeal to possible buyers if you do not fix this and aim for a more neutral look.

So, make sure to remove as many personal items from view as possible.

And, wherever possible and if feasible, try to repaint or redecorate rooms with a more neutral colour.


2. Ignoring The Importance Of Contrast

To make your house more memorable, it is a good idea to have contrast being your driving force.

It is recommended to stick to a neutral palette, but ensure that there is sufficient contrast.

It is better to have bold colours in smaller amounts, such as curtains, pillows and carpets, rather than a whole room painted in such a colour.


3. Overlooking The Importance Of Scale

Scale and proportion are critical when you furnish your house’s main rooms.

It is in very bad taste to have a large room which is sparsely furnished.

Such a room will look bleak and bare.

On the contrary, if the room is not that big, you do not want to have too much furniture crammed in it as it will look even smaller.


Image by bedrck from Pixabay

4. Lack Of Appeal In Furnishings & Ambiance

When a buyer views your house, you do not want them to think how old fashioned, or grimy looking it is.

You want them to feel at home, imagining themselves living there.

Naturally to get this kind of reaction, you need to make sure that your house is as clean and tidy as possible.

Your house should welcome them with a nice scent, a fresh look, and a warm ambiance.

This can easily be done by making sure that you keep your house spick and span when visitors are coming by.

There are also some small chores you should do, and some tricks to use, which will make a big difference on the final look including:

  • Clean floors and carpets are a must.
  • Make sure to clean the windows.
  • Do make it a point to dust the furniture and remove any cob webs.
  • Use an air freshener to get a nice scent all around.
  • Prepare some freshly brewed coffee, or have something tasty cooking in the kitchen for a welcoming smell.
  • Place some flowers in a vase or a bowl of fruit on the table.
  • Light up the fireplace.
  • Open up the windows.


Image by Peter H from Pixabay

5. Not Carrying Out Small Improvements

Worn items, old furniture and scratches here and there are commonly found in many households, especially if kids or pets were present.

However, these negative elements should not contribute to making your house look shabby and unwelcoming.

Minor fixes and improvements could work wonders on making your house look much more beautiful.


6. Having Too Much Furniture

A common mistake home sellers make is to have too much furniture in their rooms.

If possible, store away some furniture that you can do away with for a while so as to acquire a neater and less cluttered look in your house.

Most potential buyers will appreciate this and be more inclined to buy.


7. Ignoring Your Key Target Market

Last but not least, do bear in mind what your target market is looking for.

Many home sellers pay too much attention to their house and how it looks, but they do not link this to what the potential buyer is going to look for.

Consider your house’s look, its size, its location, and based on these key aspects, prepare it to look amazing for certain buyers.



Keep the above mistakes in mind so as to avoid them when staging your house.

By doing so you should be able to make your house look more appealing to more buyers, and thus manage to sell it more quickly and easily.

Too many sellers make the mistake of thinking they’ll have multiple offers on their home within days, believing their home is the nicest in the neighbourhood.

So before you rush to box up your items and book a local Essex house removals firm, take a step back and check you’re not committing these critical mistakes that so many others make.


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