7 Ways to keep your Deck Brand New all the Time

Composite Board

Nowadays, many house owners prefer composite decking as it is long-lasting and requires less maintenance. Because a deck is not just an add-on to your living area, it’s more than that. It’s the entrance of your home where you spend your best joyful hours. It’s the first thing which buyers see while stepping in your home for buying purpose.

Although it is durable, it is recommendable to keep it clean and maintain it regularly. Doing so will help you to keep it brand new all the time. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with 7 ways to maintain your deck.

1. Clean food waste instantly.

This is one of the common points to keep your deck as well as your home clean. Sometimes, debris is found in the gaps of the decking boards, which are usually hidden. It can flare up allergies and spread illness. Therefore, remove the accumulated waste with a broom or by using soap, water, and a scrub brush.

2. Do not use shovels or sand to remove snow.

During winter, you find your deck filled with snow and one more work gets added in your list and that is to remove the snow. A lot of house owners walk on thin ice by using shovels or sand to remove the accumulated snow. It will corrode the surface of the deck.

Instead of that, use a calcium chloride-based ice melt or rock salt. While using ice-melt, you need to keep in mind that it should not be used with an added colorant as the dyes can spatter your deck.

3. Be extra careful with the fire.

This type of deck is known for holding on the heat. Therefore, it is important to realize that barbeque grills, fire pits, etc. can damage the surface level of the deck. You need to make sure that you keep the direct or indirect sources of fire away from your deck.

4. Remove grease and oil stains promptly.

Generally, decks come with a warranty but you might lapse your warranty if you will fail to keep it stain-free. To clean oil and grease stains effectively, you need to use a soft non-metal scrub brush and some warm soapy water.

5. Use colourfast woven rugs.

You should avoid using mats of different materials like vinyl, rubber, etc. on your deck as they could leave a mark. However, you can remove it by cleaning but it is advisable to not use it. Instead, use colourfast woven mats on your deck.

6. Apply deck cleaner.

Whenever you install the deck, installers always provide deck cleaners to maintain your deck. You can apply it as per the instructions given in the manual. Also, as an alternate option, you can even use a mixture of dish soap and water. Scrub the stained areas with a cloth or a soft brush. Make sure that you do not use the stiff brush as it will sheen down the finish of the deck.

7. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions strictly.

It’s very important to remember what do and don’t of decking installation and follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep the deck durable. A few of the instructions are listed below for your reference:

• Clean the deck as often as needed, at least twice a year. If you decide to use a pressure washer, then use at pressures less than 2500 psi at 12” above the deck surface.
• Keep your deck dry because if standing water is present on it for a longer time, it could stain your deck
• Make sure that ventilation under and between the composite boards are adequate to prevent fungus growth.

Final wrap

Nobody likes to make the place dirtier where they eatand chill out with their family and friends like the deck area. Even, if it gets dirty by mistake, thenthe above guidelines will surely help you to keep it clean. So, do not wait for the day when you will need to replace it, start maintaining it and get the long-term reward.


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