8 Creative Lighting Solutions for Under Kitchen Cabinet


The kitchen lighting, you have several options, but cost and energy efficiency should always be considered. Also, Too much or too little lighting in kitchen areas will consequence in an imbalance which possibly will visually overpower individual areas and create shadows in other areas.

When you’re assembling your dream kitchen. Not only do you need to make sure that key food prep and cooking areas are well lit, but you also have to create a balance between the fluorescents and LEDs so many planning boards require and the softer light sources you desire.

The key to finding this balance often lies in choosing fixtures, for lighting your prep space, no matter what your style. Under cabinet lighting. A simple valance on the underside of your cabinets will not properly hide the cord for lighting. Plan ahead and have your millworker build a false bottom to conceal the wires.

Another option is to speak with a cabinetmaker about routing a channel to recess LED strip lighting. Opt for Xenon or LED lights for bright and warm yet accurate color rendering. Always make sure there is a diffuser or lens on the fixture itself to help evenly distribute the light and reduce any hot spots on the counter. As we age, we will require two to five times more light to perform the same tasks we did at a younger age.

Here are eight lighting ideas for your prep space, no matter what your style.

Brilliant Evolution1. Brilliant Evolution


The LEDs are 3000K and give off a warm white glow. Use the remote to turn the puck lights ON/OFF up to 15 ft. away. Control up to 12 puck lights with one remote.


Albrillo LED

2. Albrillo LED Under Cabinet Lighting 


Energy Saving, equivalent to 100W incandescent bulb, but using 12W LED only, save 85% of electricity bills. 900 Lumens brightness which can light up any dark corner in the room. Perfect lights for kitchen, garage, worktop, vanity, etc.

Rite Lite LPL704W

3. Rite Lite LPL704W


RiteLite’s LPL704W under-cabinet light. The track light features a sleek-looking base with four separate light heads with white LEDs and pivot independently to aim the beams of light right where they’re needed most


GetInLight 3 Color

4. GetInLight 3 Color Levels Dimmable LED Lighting


3 color in one fixture, to multiple color temperatures in one fixture, you can now select from warm, soft, and bright white light to best suit your countertop.




Multi-colors available: 16 colors and 4 play modes, last color memory function, dimmable, remote control. LED light source, save up to 85% energy, 40000hrs lifespan.



LED Safe Lighting Kit

6. LED Safe Lighting Kit


This complete LED light kit adopts slim triangular shape, so it perfect for application. Each light bar comes with high quality LED chips and delivers 150 lumen of brightness with a low power consumption of 1.5W, which is 900 lumens and 6W in total for each kit.

OxyLED Closet Lights

7. OxyLED Closet Lights, Touch Light


Natural Life, Natural Lights. contains 4 bright, white LED to illuminate any dark area in your home. The light panel can be rotated 180 degrees to provide you with the most suitable angle. To switch the device on/off, simply touch the two metal pins located on the front of the LED panel.

LE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit

8. LE LED Under Cabinet Lighting Kit


Enough brightness & Excellent CRI. With a total of 510 lumen and an 80+ CRI of each light, these delicate puck lights are able to provide you with pretty bright but natural lights, which is greatly suitable for anywhere you need extra light.


A kitchen should be brighter and even dramatically lit. Not only does this make the kitchen a great place to work and eat in. You do not need to use kitchen lighting that is too bright, If you will have additional lights above counter tops, or if you have a large window to let in sunlight.


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