8 decor Accessories for every travel Lover Bedroom

travel Bedroom

Our bedroom is a place where we can relax and be our true selves. It is also an area that depicts our liking, mentality, lifestyle, and way of living. While travelling to various places, we get to experience a lot about life, culture, religion, and the outside world. If you are a travel lover, then include some of these decor ideas for your bedroom and make it unique and beautiful.

1. Travel memories

Nowadays, we all have mobile phones and cameras to click pictures of the places we visit. Even though it is convenient, it is not an everlasting memory. The photos and videos can fade away with time and replace other events in our electronic devices.

We also don’t have the patience to scroll through the piles of images, to remember that moment again. But if we capture, print, and display them as a photo gallery on our wall, it will serve the purpose well. We can relive those travel memories whenever we have a glimpse of this photo frame.

2. Compass Style Clock

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

A clock is useful to keep track of time, and a compass is essential to show the correct direction. Both time and correct direction are the necessary elements of life. If we all make the right choices and stay ahead of the time, we are sure to succeed in life.

You can either have a vintage style compass clock or a modern style. The vintage styles include materials like wood and brass and are available in brown and rust colours. On the other hand, the modern style includes metal finishes, glass surfaces, floral patterns, and ivory colors. Features like neon lightings, musical chimes, and alarm settings are also available in the modern compass clock.

3. Map Pin Board

Every traveler wishes to cover as many places as he has in his bucket list. While traveling to unknown places, it is essential to carry all necessities and navigation tools like a map. Carrying such tools along makes traveling hassle-free.

You can hang a map pinboard or a scratch-off the map on your bedroom wall. These tools can become a part of your travel memories of the places you have visited. They also enhance the beauty of the room and excite you to plan your next trip soon.

4. Artistic Wall Hangings

Wall decoration is a vital element for enhancing the appearance of the room. Some people like to paint, draw abstracts, or leave it plain blank. As a traveler, you can either reserve a small space or use the whole wall for display purposes. Stick all those beautiful and unique collections, that you have collected from various places visited so far.

Items like a sketch of yourself, artistic paintings, posters, tapestries, and hanging crockeries will look beautiful on your wall. You can also design a vintage bookshelf to keep all the magazines, leaflets, and travel books. To enhance your wall look, you can use LED lightings and lamps. It will not only illuminate the specific area but also spread light all over the room.

5. Coins and Currency Frame

Whenever we travel outside of our home country, currency exchange becomes a necessity. As every country has its unique currency, you can collect and store it forever. It is also a hobby of every traveler and a way to make memories of the places they visit.

You can keep the coin safe in a frame as a wall hanging or as a tabletop. If you are opting for a wall hanging, it is better to design a solid base below it. You can also make a hole in the wall to let the frame standstill. Frames are available in various shapes, sizes, designs, colors, and materials. So, you can choose any of them from rectangular, square, oval, metallic, ceramic, crystal, wooden or plastic and make a frame.

6. Vintage Suitcase

Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

We generally discard the old or broken suitcases thinking that they are of no use. But they can be useful for contributing to bedroom decoration. You can paint them to give a matching look to your interiors.

The suitcase is useful to store any items, like wine bottles, or books. You can also use it as a stand for keeping the night lamp, table for eating food, or a console. If you add a stand below and place the suitcase, then it will be useful as a shelf. You can even hang this on the wall and store your daily necessities inside it.

7. The Globe

The Globe

Image by Felix Mittermeier from Pixabay

Globe is one of the essential decoration accessories for every travelling person. It is also a fascinating thing for kids to keep on rotating it again and again. Apart from this, they can learn about the different places in the world from this globe. If you want to have an artistic globe that complements your room interiors, then you can buy a floating globe.

You can also use magnetic pins to mark the places that you have visited or going to visit in the future. As the pins are magnetic, they will not fall and are also not harmful to the kids. In other pins, there are chances of scratching both the hand and the surface of the globe.

8. Travel Quotes Pillow

If you have a small size pillow that you keep on the side chairs, then you can customize them. You can print travel quotes relating to the places you have already visited or are planning to visit in the future.

This kind of pillows will give your bedroom a distinctive look and depict your travel aspiration. They are also a good way to fill up space in your bedroom and make it innovative. You can design this kind of pillow from any online photo studio or fabric printing shop nearby.


Travelling is one of the media which helps in building memories, as they are the only things that stay with us forever. So, we must all make an effort to make lots of good memories with our loved ones and nurture them during our lifetime.


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