A Beginner’s Guide On Choosing the Right Kind of Door Handles and Locks

The hardware that you choose for your door will reflect the style that your home exudes. When you select the right kind of locks and door handles for your home it always helps in revamping the look of your home. When it comes to home improvement projects, most of the professionals tend to focus a lot on the design they can implement regarding the locks and the handles of every door in the house. As much as you think these do not play an important role, they do.

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Choosing the right kind of door handles along with locks for your home is quite crucial in bringing the whole aesthetics of your home together. Even though it might seem a little too adventurous to choose something that is unique and different from the usual handles that you see, it is always best to take the advice of a professional in understanding which styles you should go for. A professional home designer is always able to work with your style and needs to give you the best results. They also tend to stay within your budget which is always a plus point.

Tips to Follow When You Are Choosing Door Handles And Lock For Your Home

There are certain things you should consider while choosing the right kind of locks and door handles for your home.

1. The Style Of The Door Handles: One of the things you should remember while choosing the style of a door handle, is that your approach should be like when you should choose other design materials for your home. Look at the overall theme of your home and then proceed with choosing the design of the door handle. The design of your room will be greatly helpful in determining which door handle design you should go for. If your home has a traditional design throughout then angular handles would look the best, however if your design is more modern then going for a different handle design is your best bet.

2. Security And Front Entrance: While choosing your door locks and handles try to talk to a professional as to what is your best option when it comes to security. Choosing door handles and locks that helps in increasing the level of security in your home is always a great option. Go for a lock that has a lifetime warranty so that you would not have to spend extra money on getting it fixed if any damage does occur to it.

3. Door Function: After deciding the kind of hardware that you will need for your doors, the next thing you must understand is the function that the door has. For instance, when it comes to closet or hallway doors you would want to choose passage knobs which have a non-locking feature. However, when it comes to the bathrooms and bedrooms, choosing a doorknob that has a locking feature will ensure privacy.

There are four kind of functions which are provided by door handles

(1) Entry set, which mainly used for front doors,
(2) Non-locking passage set,
(3) Dummy set which does not have a latch and
(4) Privacy (this one consists of a different locking function).

door handles

There are various kinds of door hardware styles; therefore, it is important that you take your time to decide which kind of door hardware you should go for. Not only should it suit the aesthetics of your home but also it should be well within your budget. If you have a warm toned home, then door hardware that has a bronze or a brass finish will look great. If you are having trouble deciding how to decorate your home, talk to an interior decorator since they can always help you figure it out.


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