A Cleaning Checklist for Your House

I n today, are you busy with your career and family, It’s finding time for cleaning your house seems impossible? Each year, millions of people try to find time to clean their homes.

Cleaning Checklist for Your House
Cleaning Checklist for Your House

Your key to a successful and cleaning your house starts with being organized and efficient.  Follow these tips for cleaning your home in a more organized way which makes it easier.


Try making a house cleaning checklist today,

First, start off with a great list. Firstly, you will need to thoroughly Declutter before you can start implementing your Cleaning Routine. Listing your household task will help you to learn and be aware different house cleaning methods and techniques, and you can sort out the best house cleaning methods for yourself.

It’s not hard to clean your house 

How about seasonal items?” You can store seasonal items in the attic, basement or other storage space. Large stackable storage bins are great for organizing.

Estimate the time required to execute your house cleaning lists daily as well as weekly as per your convenience.

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Use this cleaning checklist for your house. It will help you move from room to room to ensure the whole house is clean.



Clean off the counters and put dishes away. Dust baseboards and windowsills. Move the stove out and clean behind it. Remove wall decorations. Wipe down the walls, light fixtures and ceiling fans. Run the cleaning cycle on the oven. Remove the curtains and blinds to wash them. Replace wall decorations and window items.

Go through the refrigerator, freezer and cabinets. Get rid of anything that has expired. Remove items your family won’t eat and take them to a shelter or food pantry. Clean the refrigerator and freezer, then replace the food. Clean the cabinets and replace the food. Sweep and mop the floor. Take your box of food to donate to the car to get it out of your house.


Pick up any dirty laundry. Remove everything from the counters and shower. Clean the sink and shower/tub before replacing any items. Remove the shower curtains and replace it if necessary. Clean the mirror and any light fixtures.

Clean the toilet – inside, outside and any fixtures. Remove any rugs or vacuum them. Empty the trash. Sweep and mop the floor, being sure to get behind the toilet.

Empty the cabinets and drawers and reorganize everything. Go through the medicine cabinet to ensure any expired medicines are removed. Call Poison Control to find the proper way to dispose of these items. Place items which are still usable back into the medicine cabinet.

Living Room/Den

Go through the room and remove anything that doesn’t belong there, such as shoes or dirty dishes. Remove pictures and decorations from the walls, mantle or bookshelves. To clean each one. Dust the light fixtures, lampshades, ceiling fans, shelves and corners. Wash the baseboards.

Remove the curtains and blinds. Wash them and when dry, replace them. Vacuum the carpet and clean if necessary. Vacuum the furniture including in the crevices. Launder any slipcovers or pillows which can be washed.

Adult/Teen Bedrooms

Pick up the clutter and put things away. Remove curtains and bedding to be washed. Take down wall decorations or pictures. Wipe them down and dust around them. Wipe down the walls, switch plates, covers and clean the baseboards.

Vacuum and then flip the mattress before replacing the linens. Remove the items under the bed and vacuum under it before putting those items back. Vacuum the rest of the floor. Go through the closet and straighten it up. Check to see if any clothes need to be repaired. Organize the clothing. If you have items to get rid of, such as items that don’t fit or you haven’t worn in a while, now would be a good time.

Children’s Bedrooms

Pick up clutter and put things where they belong. Remove bedding and curtains to be washed. Wipe down walls, electrical covers, switch places and baseboards. Vacuum and flip the mattress. Replace the bedding and curtains when dry.

Go through and organize your children’s clothing and toys. There may be some items your child no longer uses or has outgrown. Consider giving those away to a day care center or battered women’s shelter. Clean under the bed and in the closet. Vacuum or mop the floors.

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Great cleaning checklist on to your house which makes it quicker and easier.. Living in a clean environment makes all the difference in the world in how you feel. Life is much easier at home when you know where things are and the house smells and looks good.


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