August Smart Lock Pro + Connect, works with Alexa

August Smart Lock Pro

Do you ever wish you could see what’s happening with your front door lock? Turn your front door into a smart door with the August Smart Lock Pro + Connect. From your phone, lock and unlock your door from anywhere.

Locks Automatically

When you rush out the door, never worry if your door is locked. August’s Wi-Fi enabled door lock will lock behind you as you leave, and you can check its status when you are away from home

It may seem strange to replace your front door lock with a smart lock, but it can increase the safety of your home and you can monitor it while you are away. It’s a great way to give yourself some peace of mind when you are away from the home, and your home will become that much smarter!

keep you lock

There are now smart locks out there that you can use your phone to control, and the August smart lock is one of the best available out there. This is not only a great brand, but the features it comes with makes it far superior to other models currently out on the market today.

Best Features of August Smart Lock Pro + Connect

Imagine controlling your lock with your voice! You can do this if you have the smart devices like Alexa set up in your home. This lock is very versatile and can hook up to many different smart devices.

Control and Monitor From Anywhere

Control your August Smart Lock Pro via Wi-Fi when you are away and with Bluetooth, Z-Wave or your voice when you’re nearby.

You can control and monitor your lock from wherever you are. You can even lock and unlock your door, control the keyless access, and keep track of everyone who is coming and going just by looking at your phone.

Be Sure It’s Locked

With our proprietary DoorSense™ and Auto-Lock technologies, you will know your door is both closed and locked.

The DoorSense will tell you if your door is locked and closed. This lock even lets you keep your existing lock and keys but attaches to the deadbolt that you already have. The lock will automatically lock when you leave, and it is super easy to install. It takes about 10 minutes and you just need to have a screwdriver.

What’s Included

When you purchase this you will receive:

August Smart Lock Pro, August Connect Wi-Fi Bridge, DoorSense Sensor, 4 AA Batteries, Lock Adapter, and Mounting Hardware


There is a video walkthrough on the app that will lead you through how to install the lock, and it really takes just a few minutes. The autolocking is also customizable and works very well. You don’t have to get your keys out just to open the door every few seconds. Plus, the integration with other smart devices is really easy.


Some users had some issues with the auto unlock feature. It wouldn’t work for some who would reenter back into the Bluetooth zone.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a really great smart lock for those who want one that will be easy to install and already works with the hardware they have. At $270, it might be a little on the pricey side, but it’s definitely worth it for the features that it comes with. You should not hesitate to purchase this smart lock to help protect your home.

Smart Lock Pro


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