Automatic Gate: The Story Your Gate Wants to Tell

Gate automation basics

Automatic gats tell a story: about the house and the owner at creating it. The right entry beginning is a good place to start a story and setting the tone for your home. Which is why the entrance to your home is so important and should be designed thoughtfully.

How do automatic gate Openers Work?

An electric gate opener makes the gate open and close when receiving an electric impulse created by a remote control, a keypad or a sensor device that is mounted in the driveway. … Then it closes the gate by swinging back to the original position.

How do automatic gate Sensors Work?

Automatic gates work by using sensors that trigger motion. However, if the sensors are blocked the automatic gate will fail to open. … Make sure that the inside of the automatic gate is kept clear of dirt and small animals so that the sensor will work perfectly at all times.

Key advantages of installing an automatic Gate Opener.

There are several advantages of installing automatic gate openers. They are suitable for different types of gates, such as swing, cantilever, and boom and sliding. When purchasing an auto gate opener make sure that it suits the gate installed within the property.

Convenient for Drivers

Automatics gates make it easier for drivers to enter and leave the property without having to get out their cars. This is particularly effective when it is raining, snowing or during any type of emergency. The automatical system ensures that the gates are locked up properly after a driver has left the premises.

Secure and Safe

This type of gate openers makes the gates more secure with their electronic lock capabilities. Most models come with integrated safety mechanisms that keep the premises secure from trespassers.


These gates are designed to be durable, they are created. they are mostly immune to changing weather conditions. This type of gate openers is perfect for commercial and home use.

Adding Value to Property

These gate openers will add value to the property. Having automated gates is a huge advantage for a property owner, a potential customer, who is looking to buy the property, will be willing to pay more for the property that incorporates automatical gates.

Gates serve multiple purposes, so selecting one based on functionality and aesthetics is of utmost importance. An automatic gate may be essential for home access to your enclosed space.

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Select a driveway gates style

Size of Opening

Determine the opening width. Automatic gates come in 4 sizes: 12, 14, 16, and 18 feet. The sizes are “in the clear” dimensions between gate posts and are not the actual gate panel size. (Please check the gate spec drawings for exact gate dimensions)

Swing Type

In most cases a swinging gate, swinging on hinge posts away from incoming traffic and into the property is best. If your driveway slopes up too steeply you’ll need to have a gate that swings away from the property and toward incoming traffic. A bi-parting gate is best for a sloped driveway whether it swings in or out. Note that 12 ft gate is a single swing while the 14, 16, and 18 ft gates are bi-parting.

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Curving vs. Straight Driveway

If the approach to your entry is a straight shot you can use a smaller gate such as a 12′ single if it clears your driveway; if the approach is at an angle or if it curves sharply, consider using a wider bi-parting gate.

Hanging the Gates

The driveway gates are designed to be “stand-alone” and hang on their own set of gate posts. If you have a masonry pillar it is, in most cases, best to set posts just behind the pillar. A gate can be ordered without posts if you want it to hang from your pillar but in that event, you’ll need an articulated arm gate operator instead of the less expensive and easier to install linear actuator type, gate operator.

Sliding Gate

If your project calls for a sliding gate please proceed to the sliding gate.

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Installation gate

The installation of an automatic gate varies tremendously based on the type and style of gate and system as well as the material. In most cases, however, the biggest part of the installation cost will be the posts that hold the gate in place on either side. From there, it depends largely on the type of gate and its style and material.

Sliding gates require tracks and special wheels, while swing gates require hinges 3. The actual mechanism needs to be set up, and in many cases, the sensor will need to be set and calibrated or the remote set up so that the gate can operate. This can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the size and style of the gate.

Labor Cost: to install a automatics gates
The construction and style options of gates vary. This costs between $750 and $1,800, depending on the material and size of the gate, which depending on the method being.

You can do it? installing yourself you can typically save between $1500 and $3000. In most cases, the only requirements are a few tools and some handyman experience.

Tools you’ll need:

– Wrench
– Plumb Line and Level
– Post Hole Digger
– Shovel
– Wheel barrel


Gate automation basics

Automatic gate openers are useful devices, providing an easy solution to open and close driveway gate for any protect your property. A basic gate automation design may include:

Gate operator

– hand held remote control transmitters (clickers)
– keypad for visitors to gain entry
– combination keypad and telephone entry with voice communication to grant or deny entry of visitors
– exit sensor control to allow vehicles to exit
– gate reversing device to prevent gate closure on an obstacle


Tips for a Better Driveway Gate Installation

1) When selecting the exact spot for your gate, opt for a place that allows for your vehicle to leave the roadway while waiting for the gate to open. Also, be sure to envision your gate fully open and look for any objects that might obstruct its path, including uneven ground or driveway slope.

2) Measure the distance between your posts before setting them at least a few times. We recommend using some white flour to mark the spots where your posts will go. When you put your posts in your post holes, measure the distance between them again to be sure.

3) Run a string between two stakes in a line that follows the bottom of your gate when hung. Use a line level to make sure it is level. Take care that the ground below where the gate will hang is flat. Since your gate hangs only a few inches from the ground, you may be surprised that what looked like a small bump is now in the way of the gate.

4) When digging your post holes, do not make a perfectly round hole – this will help prevent the posts from twisting.

5) When mixing your concrete, leave it a bit stiff. If it is too soupy, you will have to brace your posts while they set.

6) Use a level and plumb line when you set your posts into the concrete. If the posts are not plumb, your gates may not hang properly. Take time to measure the post distance again while you are filling your concrete around the post.

7) Use an adjustable hinge so you can compensate for any small deviations from plumb.

8) If you are installing an automatic gate opener, a PVC pipe can serve as a conduit between the two posts when installation bi-parting swing gates. Thread the PVC with a string so you can tie it to the opener wire and pull it through when you are ready.

9) If you have pillars and you are thinking about attaching your gates directly to the pillars, we recommend using posts just behind the pillars, particularly if you are going to automate your gate. This will save you the headaches of drilling into your pillars and will provide an easier mount where your opener can function more freely.

10) Read all manuals all the way through before beginning. And have all your tools ready for the day’s work ahead of time

Gate installation is not as hard as you think. Doing It Yourself really can save thousands of dollars and you’ll be even more proud of your new entryway!

Note: Call 811 Before digging, at least a few days before you start any digging project to be sure you won’t hit any utility lines. Whether you are planning to do it yourself or hire a professional, smart digging means calling …

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