Barbie Dreamhouse

A Fantastic, Glam-tastic, Pink-tastic Home!

It’s every doll’s dream come true! This freshly renovated Barbie Dreamhouse features three exciting levels of play, lights and sounds throughout, and — for the first time ever — two cool elevators (one just for Barbie doll’s fashions)! The fully furnished luxury home boasts a fun new layout with gobs of designer details and girly touches — for lounging and entertaining in glamorous style! After you ring the working doorbell, enter the elegant pink double-doors and head to the kitchen for a yummy snack. Prepare amazing treats for Barbie doll and friends (not included) with the pink appliances, an oven that lights up, and a blender complete with sounds. Then visit the dining room, where girls can serve meals and even flip the table to go from breakfast to dinner!

Barbie Dreamhouse
Barbie Dreamhouse


Barbie Dreamhouse 

Mattel has really outdone themselves with this new Barbie Dreamhouse. Three levels include six total rooms, and the home can be expanded to reveal a special elevator to move Barbie from floor to floor. Working doorbell lets Barbie know when she has guests coming over, and the fully appointed kitchen includes a working blender and oven light. Mattel has included a unique “stick and stay” feature built into every room of the dream home, which allows your daughter to quickly move accessories from room to room. Let us take a closer look at this huge dream house, and see if your little girl’s Barbie will be moving in.

Features of the Barbie Dreamhouse

* Huge bathroom includes a light up mirror, shower singing and a flushing toilet
* This year’s Dreamhouse includes 2 working elevators
* 3 levels of play with plenty of room to move Barbie and her friends around
* Rooms are fully furnished, with lights and sounds throughout
* 3 AA batteries required, not included

What Makes the Barbie Dreamhouse a Great Buy?

Barbie DreamhouseMattel has taken the popular Barbie Dreamhouse and made it the most glamorous ever. Each individual room surprises with intricate detail, and for the first time, Barbie’s dream home comes complete with two elevators. One elevator moves Barbie and her friends from floor to floor, and the second elevator is just for Barbie’s fashions!

Parents need to know that the instructions could be a little bit better, but that the dreamhouse is easy to assemble if you are not in a rush. The living room contains a dining table which you can flip from breakfast to dinner, or from dinner to desert.

Barbie DreamhouseAnd each room contains special mounts that let you clip accessories in and out, allowing your little girl to customize Barbie’s rooms in seconds. The beautiful chandelier is also portable and fits every room, and this year the Barbie Dreamhouse includes the ultimate closet.

Pink appliances, a television with multiple channels and a canopy bed are all included, and a kitchen and dining room make up the two rooms on the first floor. On the second floor Barbie can lounge in her bedroom, complete with a cute pet bed, or enjoy the spacious bathroom. Taking the elevator on up to the third floor, a fully appointed living room includes a balcony, and Barbie can prepare for a night out on the town in her ultimate closet.

The closet includes space for Barbie’s clothing and fashions, as well as a vanity area. One really neat feature is the fashion elevator, which allows Barbie to choose the perfect outfit and then send it down to the bathroom where she can finish getting dolled up.

The instructions could probably be better, but Mattel recently released a YouTube video that helps with assembly. This is really the best and most complete, luxurious and fashionable Barbie Dreamhouse to date, and is the perfect buy for your little Barbie doll lover that wants the ultimate in Barbie accessories.



Barbie Dream House


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