Bathroom Remodeling for Accommodating Seniors

One of the most dangerous areas of seniors’ homes is their bathroom.  The many accidents that occurred in or around the bathtub, shower, or toilet.


Bathroom Safe for Seniors


The tendency to have wet and slippery hard surfaces (such as tile) This is important because a bathroom is a place where most accidents are likely to occur. However, the elderly are at an increased risk. Because they are more likely to have issues standing up after sitting for a long time,


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Do not let this happen to your loved ones! The bathroom floors should not be slippery. Ensure that the bathtub has safety rails that can help you get into the tub and out safely.


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Some of the things you can do to make your bathroom more accessible. An accessible bathroom design assists for seniors to enjoy the bath, for every day.


Berkeley Traditional Universal Design Bathroom


Universal design principles are gaining popularity and consist of making the bathroom experience useful to people of diverse abilities, from an elderly parent with which are safe and comfortable.

Bathroom Ideas Accommodating Seniors

Remodeling the bathroom to accommodate an elder, health and safety issues are key. Some simple and inexpensive things you can do include:

Tub and Shower

While the best option is probably the walk-in shower or the sit-down shower, these can be costly if not already in place. However, these are probably some of the safest ways for an elder to bathe if they live alone.

Handheld shower – Since older adults may have poor balance, it is often a good idea to have a shower head that they can move around their body, instead of the other way around. Turning around in a slippery bathtub has caused many falls and there is no easy landing in a bathtub. It is also excellent for seniors who use tub benches or shower chairs.

Tub Bench – If your aging parents have a standard bathtub, it might be time to consider using a tub bench. This provides a place to sit down as well as makes getting into and out of the tub safer. Instead of having to lift their feet over the tub edge them sit down first and then bring their feet into the tub. Combined with a hand held shower head and they have one of the safest ways to shower

Raised Toilet Seats

Older adults typically have difficulty sitting down and getting back up from regular toilets. An easy fix is to install a raised toilet seat. There are a variety of different styles so have a general idea as to what their toilet looks like when you go purchase one.

Grab bars

An excellent way to prevent falls is to install a few grab bars. One by the toilet to help in sitting/standing, and another two in the bathtub/shower area. For the bathtub/shower area, have won the senior can hold onto when getting in/out and then another for when they are in the shower/bathtub.

Anti-slip rugs

Inside and around showers and tubs help prevents falls while getting in and out of the bath or shower. A non-slip mat in front of the toilet can also provide extra traction when standing up and sitting down.

Miscellaneous safety

Proper lighting is imperative. Always keep a nightlight on in the bathroom so that an elder can easily find the light switch.

It is also a good idea to change conventional faucets and use levered ones. Make sure that hot and cold water indications are clearly marked to avoid accidents.

Having wide-open access for a wheelchair is optimal; however, sometimes this is not an option.

While shopping for one, always remember to choose a material that is durable and effective, will be better choices.

More important is to consider their age and physical condition while renovate and designing bathrooms. All you need to remember is to take little precaution while remodeling your bathrooms. Bathrooms for seniors should be their convenience and safety.


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