Bathroom Remodeling: His, Hers, or Both?

A re you thinking of giving your honey a “honey-do” list for remodeling your bathroom? Perhaps it is the bathroom in your master bedroom. Do you have differences of opinion as to what each of you would like and want? There are several ways around the dilemma of the “his, hers, ours” bathroom scenario.



Does he see rich mahogany while you see pretty in pink or lavender? Is he thinking powerful showerhead and you are dreaming away of an old-fashioned four-legged tub to sink your bones into at the end of a long day?

Easy Room Decorating ideas There are several ways you can go neutral and satisfy both your needs.

You can never go wrong with a white background for your bathroom. In this way, you can add accessories such as towels, bath mats, and shower curtains every once in a while. When one of you or both get tired of the d้cor, you can always splurge a little and change it up a bit.



For example, you could each have your way with the bathroom for a certain amount of time, let’s say lavender towels would look pretty nice with that white backdrop. Thereafter, he could opt for some deep, rich, chocolate-brown towels and accessories to make him feel manlier. A little compromise goes a long way in all areas and, yes, even in the bathroom.

Maybe he could hang that shower curtain during football season that has the logo of his favorite team or put down a bath mat sporting it.

Another great neutral color is antique white. Again, you can mix and match without getting overly masculine or feminine either way. As far as that shower head/four-legged tub quandary, perhaps he could get his showerhead and you could get a little whirlpool action going on instead. Again, it is all in the art of the deal.

For the ladies, you could keep a basket of goodies under the sink and pretty up the bathroom when it is your turn to soak in a luxurious whirlpool bath. Bring out your facials, creams, and lotions and make it your spa for the evening.



Having a separate section for his and her mirrors is a great way to satisfy both needs. His could be off to one side with his own sink underneath for shaving and hers could be a small vanity in the corner for putting on makeup in the morning.

In this way, neither one is in the other’s way, but still sharing time and space together at the same time.

So, as you can see, there are some creative ways to remodel and recreate your bathroom so that it accommodates both his and her taste buds. A little compromise goes a long way.