Best Landscape designs for the Garden

Landscaping designs are extremely important for gardens as not only does it make a wretched yard look beautiful but also prevent property erosion, flooding, air pollution and create an ecosystem out of the garden. Landscape designs make it possible to create small private areas out of a large property so that it is difficult for neighbors to peek in. It also makes the property more inviting for guests and creates an impression upon them.


5 creative landscape designs to make your garden look fabulous:

1. Cutting the garden into clean and define shape is an affordable way to make it look beautiful. Shapes like circle, square or an oblong can be achieved to make the garden visually attractive. For this purpose, the desired shape ought to be marked out with a string and the excess grass cut away with a spade. This job is extremely easy and doesn’t cost a penny. Hence it is a popular landscape design among people who are concerned about their budget.

2. Planting trees is also a great option for the landscape design of the garden. Apart from looking beautiful and making the garden aesthetically more pleasing, it is also an environment-friendly option to make a greener and healthier environment. Many varieties of fast-growing and hybrid trees for decorating purposes are also available in the market. Also, they are pocket-friendly and do not cost a fortune. Small trees like Ornamental Cherry, June Berry and Crab Apple are popular additions in the garden. Just a few of these trees are enough to fill an average sized garden.

3. Another landscape design used widely is the planting of flower plants. This is also quite a cheap method and requires little effort. Filling flower beds with beautiful flower plants, especially perennials that can be divided, is a great idea. Clump forming perennials like Geraniums, Geums and Astrantia. This gives an exotic look to the garden and appears like an advanced level gardening has been ventured. However, in reality, this is a very easy and cheap job. This can be achieved by taking out the plant from its pot and separating it into a few bits with some stocks and root each. Next, drive a hole in the flower bed and plant each part of the tipped plant in it. After they grow in the next season and spread around the flower bed, they can be pulled up again and the same procedure can be repeated to get more plants. Within a few years, a wonderful display of flowers can be achieved for very little money. For a medium sized garden, five to six geranium plants are enough to obtain this.

4. Apart from flower beds and trees, garden pathways and patios are also important in landscape design. Instead of installing pavements in the garden, laying it with gravel creates a more natural and stylized look. They are also not as costly as pavements. For efficient laying of gravel, first, mark out the area in which it is to be placed and scrape out all the grass and loose soil. A permeable membrane should be pinned down in order to prevent the growth of weeds through the gravel. The gravel should be laid over the permeable membrane evenly for a depth of about 2.5 to 3 centimeters. Make sure to color coordinate the gravel according to the type of the garden to make it visually more appealing.

5. The garden can also be decorated with rice lights. This adds an exotic effect to it and produces a festive feeling. The lights can be strategically arranged around flower plants, trees and over fences. This is also a cost-effective way of furnishing a great landscape design to the garden.


These 5 methods, though not exhaustive, can come in handy for anyone planning an efficient landscape design. It is sure to make the garden look more pleasing to the eyes and achieve the goal of making the space more inviting for guests.


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