Bright-up Bathroom, With Light and Shadows

The style of the bathroom is modern and Proper lighting can make all the difference in a bathroom, Bathroom remodeling projects can not only take a lot of time, but a lot of money; therefore, you will want to make sure that your decision is the light right one.


Light and Shadows


The most important light in the bathroom is the natural light. Lighting can make a relaxing or exciting. Within a bathroom, Many factors should be taken into consideration before choosing the lights for bathrooms. The light of bathroom affects whatever is done in the bathroom.


Light and Shadows


For Example, We spend lots of time, perform various personal activities like shaving, makeup, shaving, styling hair and many other daily hygiene tasks.  So, it is very important to planning for the type of your bathroom lighting.


Light and Shadows


Get your lighting right in the bathroom

A good bathroom can help a lot to start a day with the positive feeling. If the bathroom is neat and clean it gives a good feeling and if the light in the bathroom is proper then it helps to add to the positive feel of a day.

Vanity lighting 

If your goal is to provide a cozy and warm atmosphere, try installing lights on each side of the vanity, And avoid asymmetrical lighting. Placing a light fixture on just one side of a mirror will create uneven illumination.

To lighting at the vanity, need to have adequate light output, be of appropriate size and style for the bathroom layout and your design idea, And for those who have space in addition to your vanity, consider adding decorative lamps.

Light-up shower 

A small bathing area could be a challenge because the issue in a small space. Letting in more light was also important in making the bath space look larger. Think about adding a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness as required.

If the bathroom is small, sconces may illuminate the entire room. In larger bathrooms, light from additional sources, such as recessed lights and ceiling fixtures, will be necessary for adequate general lighting.

Tip: The lights in the shower should be can see the floor clearly. The lights around this area are very important as you can avoid any accidents such as sliding or tripping on your bathtub if their light is dim.

Lighted mirrors 

The mirror is one of the important spaces in the bathroom. It is a challenge to provide good lighting for a mirror. The mirror in a bathroom can do much more than the spot to check your reflection: They can enhance the space. The larger mirror will amplify your space, and the frame is a chic addition that adds visual interest.

Tip: Use mirrors to designate different areas. If space allows for it, set up a vanity, separate from the sink,

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Providing ideal lighting for the sink area. The Lighting general rule is to mount them 65 to 70 inches from the floor, at about eye level. This allows light to fully illuminate your entire face without casting shadows. Ideally, the fixtures should be placed about 28 to 30 inches apart, but achieving this depends on the size of the room and configuration of the design. When installing fixtures above the mirror, the ideal height is about 78 inches.

Tip: Avoid recessed light ceiling installed directly over the sink, which can cast shadows on the face. When applying makeup or shaving and grooming.

All corners of the bathroom need to be well lit. Dark corners make a bathroom look smaller. The best and most effective lighting for your bathroom is natural daylight. If you can create a large window,

Remember: To choose bulbs appropriate for the lighting. Clean white lighting is best for task lighting. Halogen lights tend to last much longer than regular incandescent bulbs.

When choosing a bathroom light, consider the size of your space and the decorating of the place. These elements will help you choose the perfect lamp for your bathroom. If you are unsure of how to proceed, consider consulting with a lighting designer to assist in creating the best  light for your bathroom.