Building a BirdHouse for Your Garden

Building a Bird House

If you are looking for a great project to do with your kids at home. Building a birdhouse can be a fun and rewarding experience for kids.

A birdhouse would make a good decor in your garden. Building a birdhouse is not difficult when one follows instructions and can be both interesting and educational.

To build a good bird house it is important. One of the most important things to have when building a birdhouse, other than the wood, are the tools. You don’t need too many tools to build a good quality.

However, building a birdhouse at home needs to be durable, rainproof and clean as well.

A material, It’s up to you

You have several options when it comes to the materials you can use for this project. Though the most common and readily available material is wood.

Wood is the best material for making birdhouses. The natural insulating properties of wood are far superior to other materials like metal and plastic that overheats. And makes it hot for the birds.


Choose right size for the birdhouse. A small bird needs a small house. A chickadee would be glad to a home about 8 inches tall with a 5×5 inch of base. Bluebirds demand a bit of the larger box, so 10 inches high with a 5½x5-½ inch base would work well for them. However, for the larger bird like a screech owl, you need to build a house of about 24 inches high with a base 10×10 inches wide.

Additionally, the birdhouse serves as a decorative in your garden as well as a potential home to our little feathered friend, you need to have both in determine and the size of the birdhouse you’re going to build

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Here are easy to build the birdhouse

The first step is to measure and lay out the dimensions according to drawings were given. One needs to use a carpenter’s square to lay out perfect squares for the roofs and walls so that they can when putting them together. The piece required for a birdhouse are two rectangular pieces for the roof, the floor, two side walls and the front and back wall.

The front wall should be drilled with a hole that will act as the entry point for the bird.” The door is an important feature and needs to be of the correct size. If entry hole is too big, it will merely inspire predators to attack the family. “

Next one is to put the pieces together, this should be done in a specific order for it. Start by attaching the front and back walls to the two sidewalls. Next is to attach the two pieces of the roof to the already built structure, after attaching the roofs, turn the structure over and attach the floor. All these attachments as mentioned before should be done using galvanized nails and waterproof glues. This will ensure that they last longer.

“You can also paint birdhouses with the intention to attract birds, when this is done it is important to know which birds you intend to attract because different colors appeal to different birds.”

You’re the builder of this birdhouse! It is vital to note at this point that safety precautions should always be taken when building a birdhouse and these include wearing glasses and gloves for protection.



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