Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair, Blue

Zero Gravity Chair

The recent warm and sunny weather we’ve had has offered the perfect opportunity to spend more time outdoors…and what better way than relaxing in your garden, beach or sporting events on a reclining chair?

Relax with the smooth recline function that locks in any position. Included headrest provides additional comfort or can be used as a lumbar support.


The Caravan Sports Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair elevates the legs and reduces pressure on the back. This position simulates the gravity-free environment astronauts experience in space.

Chair offers the ultimate portable comfort. The new and improved locking system allows you to lock the chair in any position and an adjustable headrest is provided for additional comfort or use as lumbar support. Simply slide the padded pillow up and down the frame back to find the best position for you.

The black powder-coated steel frame of the chair is well made and sturdy. It’s complemented by a contemporary durable outdoor fabric, which is closely woven and available in four colors: beige, blue, black and brown.

Dual Finger Tip Locking System

The new and improved locking system allows you to lock the chair in any position. The flexibility to decide the exact position you’d like to stop it at. Simply lean back, lock your position and enjoy.

Although it’s aimed at use in the garden, it would work equally well in a conservatory or on a balcony.


The durable outdoor fabric is comfortable to sit on and the chair comes with a small pillow headrest so you can lean your head back comfortable. If you don’t want to use the headrest, it’s very easy to simply remove it.

This reclining zero gravity chair is the perfect piece of garden furniture to use for relaxing outside during sunny summer weather

Being able to lean back and change the position yourself, without having to rely on any mechanisms is great and it works really well. We loved the zero gravity effect and think it would be very hard to feel uncomfortable in this chair!


Folded dimensions: 38.6 inches length x 31.7 inches width x 6.9
When not in use, the chair folds up well, making it easier to carry and store. There’s a folding lock handle that can be used to lock it in place too, which is an added bonus. It’s not the lightest of chairs to move around, so it’s not a piece of garden furniture you’d want to have to take far.

The Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair folds neatly and is easy to transport to the beach, a barbecue, or a game. Sit back and rest easy as the Caravan Infinity Oversized Zero Gravity Chair takes comfort to a new level!

Us verdict

If you’re looking for a chair for relaxation purposes, you can’t go wrong with this one. We love the design, the durable blue textured fabric and the fact that it’s very easy to use. It’s super comfortable and, with your legs up and your head back, it’s most definitely relaxing.

With a price point of $44.99, this chair offers a great option for an affordable patio, balcony or garden furniture. It can’t be left outside in the winter, but as it folds up well, it makes it easy to store when not in use.

(Disclosure: We were supplied with a chair to review, but all views and opinions are our own).


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