Chill Out By Color Palettes in a Living Room

One of the first rooms that most people get to see when they enter your home is your living room? Color in the living room is a very powerful thing and the use of certain colors can be found everywhere. It can change our mood or stimulate the senses. These are some important things you should take note of before making any decisions.

One way to get new and fresh ideas is to look in recent magazines. This is a good way to learn about the new trends and styles of today’s interior decorators.

Check out this assortment of gorgeous cool-hued living and family rooms, along with sample color palettes inspired by each space.



Gray has been go-to neutral for a while now. Find it more crisp and clean looking than ubiquitous beige. But gray lacks the warmth of beige, so try pairing it with warm wood tones or a warm accent hue, such as the yellow-green used here. With a base of gray tones in a room, you can add a dash of any other color you want, even beige.

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I know  to stick with neutral colors when selecting furniture, but there is just something so fabulous about these magenta-hued club chairs. But notice that the magenta is the only vibrant hue in space. If those chairs had to compete with a green wall and a blue sofa, they would quickly go from awesome to overload.



So go ahead and pick up furniture in your favorite bold hue if you see a piece you just have to have, but edit the other colors in space so that the intensely hued element remains the star.



You love combinations of blue and green, specifically watery blues and bright, shocking greens. They just play off each other so well. And even though they are cool colors, they feel pleasant and inviting together



Green and red can be tricky colors to pull together. They are opposite each other on the color wheel, which means they offer the most contrast to each other. One trick to soften the contrast is to use less intense shades of one or both hues. 

This wall is a very pure green, but it’s a fairly light shade of it. The red here is very dark and lush, more of a maroon shade — which can work as a neutral. Also, because the colors are used for different items in the room (wall paint and furniture), they won’t conflict. This unexpected palette works really well in this cool, modern space.



For those who love, light, clean, airy spaces, you can’t go wrong with shades of white on your walls, ceilings, and furnishings. But it’s nice to inject some color to liven things up.

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If you do, why not go bold? The grounding, black and vibrant orange hues work nicely with the lighter blue shades here. This example also effectively uses colors opposite each other on the color wheel (blue and orange). They work well together because the blue is kept lighter and toned down.



I usually feature very hues in palettes, but you can definitely appreciate a softer approach. In fact, bright, vibrant color can sometimes distract from interesting artwork, furniture, accessories or a nice view out the window. This living room feels light filled, airy and inviting. Darker colors are used as small accents here and there — perfect for someone who prefers more toned-down, neutral hues. The harmonious mix of soft gray, green and blue makes for a soothing and sophisticated living room.



More soothing grays and blues, but in this example we also have bits of crisp white and deep, dark chocolate brown for a very elegant, modern palette.



I love working with gray, another neutral I’m turning to more and more is navy blue. Softer than black, it still offers drama and plays well with all other colors. As an accent color via pillows and the window treatment here, it forms a nice triad with the lighter gray-blue and the olive green.



Don’t neglect your outdoor living spaces when it comes to injecting cool color. The days may be getting shorter and cooler, but why not plan ahead for spring and summer? Fall is, after all, a good time to pick up outdoor furniture and furnishings at a discount.

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This space abounds with cool colors. And because the vibrant colors are expressed via fabric and paint, it would not be that difficult to change them down the road.

Remember to always incorporate your style in whatever color you may choose. Don’t be afraid to try new things as you try to find that perfect combination of colors for your living room.


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