Choosing the Best Bathroom Vanity to Match Your Style

Making a smaller space more functional is decided by various factors like the color of the place, placement, and of course, the use of the right accessories and furniture. When it is about the bathroom, then most of the homeowners have to compromise with a smaller-sized space, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it spacious looking. Tricks of interior designing and a few hacks will make even a smaller bathroom look bigger. One of the ways to achieve this is by adding bathroom vanities. These are not only bathroom essentials, but at the same time, they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.

But the trick is to choose the right kind of bathroom vanities. There are several options available in the market, but one has to choose the one which matches your budget, need, and requirement. In this blog, we will be discussing how to choose bathroom vanities.

Tips to follow

Purpose of Buying and Who Is Going to Use It:

The bathroom vanity that you will be choosing must be decided based on who is going to use it. For example, if you and your partner are going to use the vanity at the same time, then you would need a vanity that comes with a double sink. If you are going to use it all by yourself, then a single sink vanity is perfect.  Now the purpose of the use is also important; for example, if you are the one who would prefer to do makeup and hair in the bathroom, then you would need bathroom vanity with a larger countertop. So, based on your need and purpose, you should choose the bathroom vanity.

Check the Plumbing Location:

If you are going to put up the bathroom vanity, then you must consider the plumbing location. It means that if you are going for a floor-mounted vanity, then you must use a typical plumbing layout. Similarly, for a wall-mounted vanity, you will need to move the plumbing hook-ups of your sink. Now, this would require a big budget. Hence, you must consider your vanity style before choosing the kind of vanity.

Prioritize Cleaning and Storage Space:

Yes, this is yet another factor that you must take into account while choosing bathroom vanities. The vanity must be in proportionate to the size of your bathroom, and at the same time, for a smaller bathroom, you would need a vanity, which is of a smaller size, and for a larger bathroom, you can opt for a larger size. Also, you should check that the vanity is easy to clean and maintain. The free-standing bathroom vanities offer optimum storage space, and it is one of the popular sizes. Remember, vanity is used for storage, and hence, you must choose vanity, which offers ample storage space.

Don’t Miss the Faucet:

Finally, you must not miss considering faucet. Many bathroom vanities don’t have faucet included in it. Hence, you should do a bit of research before buying it. If you want to purchase vanity separately, then you may consider the number of faucet holes in it. For example, you must check if the sink requires a center set or a widespread faucet. Is there a drain? Hence, you must not skimp on your research. Do a thorough search of different styles of vanity and faucet holes and other features. Once you find the bathroom vanity that is in sync with your bathroom, only then you must purchase the vanity.


These are a few of the important points that you must take into consideration before you go out there to buy the bathroom vanity.  You may search online, or take the suggestion of an experienced plumber if you feel confused about the suitability of installation.


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