Clever Home Design Ideas for Your Dream Home

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Have you ever noticed how, when it comes to interior design, the slightest change can have a major impact? This goes for both aesthetics and functionality. We would all like to live in our dream homes, but unfortunately, for many this idea stays right there – in dreams. People assume that the lack of space or financial freedom will interfere and simply give up on the whole thing. We understand that being home owners isn’t easy or cheap, but there are many creative solutions to any of problems you might have! Understand that while you’re growing and changing, the definition of a “dream” will change as well, so you can use your imagination and divide the process in phases.

Let there be light

One of the most important aspects of any given room is the amount of natural light. And this is not only for aesthetics because it is proven to be connected with the well-being and mood of owners. We’ll start with some simple tricks to make your room brighter. First of all, and this is a must for darker and smaller spaces, paint it in light colours! It might seem a bit obvious, but such a colour choice will result in light being reflected, not absorbed. A pro tip – paint your ceiling several shades lighter than the walls and by doing so create an illusion of a higher and spacier room. Just remember to keep it consistent, in terms of matching your chosen floors and other elements in the room.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, could you make my small room seem more? The answer is yes! Mirrors can help you maximize the amount of light as they will reflect and double it. Hang a large one directly across the biggest window in your kitchen and one at the end of a short hallway. Try out a combination of smaller ones and be creative, because mirrors can be an amazing decorative tool, in addition to serving the light purpose. While on the topic, any other metallic and shiny surfaces will do somewhat similar. Also, while shopping for curtains, don’t let the design and colour overrule the importance of fabrics. You want something lightweight, such as cotton.

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Built-in everything

When we talk about innovation and creativity of building or improving a home, space is the largest matter. And we need to start being smart about it! This is especially applicable (and useful) if you and your family are first time builders, or considering it. An utter freedom in design with proper expert guidance can truly be elements for the equation where the end result is your dream home. People are generally wasting space, not even being aware of doing so. Most of us would first put walls and then choose closets, shelves and kitchen appliances, because that is the way things are done, right? That is not creative thinking! What if you could have a 100% more space?

Built-in units are the future of interior design, this is for sure. You can stop paying for that storage unit rent, and store all the things – in your walls! This is a standard in Scandinavian countries for a while now, and they are well-known to be advanced in such matters. Remember, we’re talking about storage solutions from the region IKEA was founded in. You can customize every aspect while maximizing space. Put some cabinets and drawers under your staircase, or even make each step a drawer! Insert your wardrobe or kitchen appliances into a fitted space in your wall. And it doesn’t end with storage solutions, as you can make shelves as a display area in the largest wall of your living room, not taking up any additional space! Covered or displayed, drawers or sliding walls, possibilities are endless and will be specifically designed for your needs!

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We all dream differently

For the criterion of “a dream” to be met, you need to focus on your instincts. All the mentioned improvements will significantly contribute to your home being amazing, but there’s got to be something just for you. Allow yourself one extravagant choice! It can be something you wanted since childhood. If not, start from the activity you enjoy the most and explore the options. For some it is reading, so they should make a cosy home library. It can be a secret room that you enter via a hidden sliding door in the bedroom. Transform an attic into an art studio or a game centre. Put a hammock on the ceiling or instead of one the floors. Treat yourself with a walk-in closet, an indoor pool or an outdoor bedroom. Do a whole wall with stained glass. Even if your idea seems completely unrealistic, talk with some contractors and adapt it so it can work.


Those were just suggestions to help you with the process of creative thinking. Brainstorm with your family and friends, build on ideas because these are definitely not decisions to be made in a rush. And bear in mind, you don’t have to find things and solutions in catalogues! Hire a professional for advising and together you’ll come to an approach in building/renovating that will be unique and customized in accordance with your specific needs.

The only thing that matters is the end result is a fully functional oasis for you and your family. Stop obsessing about the standards and trends imposed by TV shows, and remember, someone’s dream is another’s nightmare!


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