Create an Energy Efficient or Renovation For Your House

Decades ago energy-efficient wasn’t even a term but today, more and more people are considering energy-efficient appliances and materials when conducting renovations. If you’re considering a remodel of your house property here are some tips to keep in mind for energy-efficient appliances, materials, techniques and Green energy ideas.



It’s a good idea, to begin with, a HER (Home Energy Rating). This can identify ways to reduce your current energy use. You can use this information for future remodeling projects and prioritize a list of the highest energy efficient upgrades from the least to most expensive.

Energy Efficient For Your House

Speak to your remodeling expert about the end result. What are you looking to get out of your remodel or renovation? From there, use energy-efficient materials and products along the way substituting where you can and what’s affordable. Check for resources at the library and estimate different costs and ideas through design software available online for free or through paid software outlets.

When the time comes to actually perform the hands-on remodel make sure you add insulation and seal all air leaks so that there is no loss of energy for heating and cooling in the area in which your renovating. This will include electrical outlets, windows, attics, chimneys, lighting fixtures and doors.

Double check that all ductwork is sealed properly. Upgrade any heating and cooling systems to the most Energy Star appliances and green rating possible.

If you’re remodeling kitchen or bath make sure you upgrade the plumbing to the most energy-efficient faucets, shower heads, and piping. Water heaters and Energy Star appliances can also save hundreds of dollars each year.

Recycled materials are the big craze and are easily available at restoration stores, hardware outlets, and wholesale warehouses. If available, you might even consider using materials from your own home taken from one place and remodeled into something new. This could be tearing down an old barn and using the wood as paneling, decorations or furniture for a new space. Just about everything can be recycled in some form or fashion whether you’re doing now on your remodel or donating it to a recycling facility.

How to cut costs without compromising on quality

Decor ideas: Again, one of the easiest ways to start your energy-efficient Renovation project is to speak with of consultants and create the most energy-efficient renovation possible.


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