Decluttering Supplies Checklist

Cleaning clutter from your home can lead to less stress and more productivity. You will also receive mental and physical health rewards as a result of less stress in your life.

Decluttering Supplies Checklist
Decluttering Supplies Checklist

More free time is another benefit since you are not wasting time always looking for things. Use the following checklist to get your life and environment organized and orderly.

you may need to buy a few things to help you clobber clutter. Consider purchasing the following items to help you prepare to de-clutter. (You may not need any of the following items. However, they could help you declutter quickly and effectively.)

Basic Decluttering Supplies

☐ Cleaning supplies
☐ Boxes
☐ Magic markers, sharpies
☐ Adhesive backed labels, post-it notes
☐ Moving labels
☐ Plastic bins with lids
☐ Clear glass jars
☐ Stepping stool, 3 step ladder
☐ Trash bags


Decluttering Rules

☐ Declutter, at least, one thing per day
☐ Try setting a 15-minute timer for decluttering
☐ Don’t get overwhelmed! Every little helps
☐ Either trash, recycle, organize or donate items
☐ Use boxes for each category if it helps
☐ Start with the easiest items if it helps you!
☐ Be prepared to let go of things and guilt!
☐ Buy less to keep clutter at bay
☐ Tune into how clutter makes you feel

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