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In today’s electronic age, there seems to be very little chance to develop anyone artistic abilities. There are some teachers of kindergarten and scout leaders that are practicing this art as a means of letting the children express their own creativity

Paper Flower
Paper Flower

Making paper flowers can be fun for everyone, Creating paper flowers is one of the most fun and favorite crafts for kids and adults alike and they were making a comeback today just like they did many years ago.

Paper flowers are not costly and can be made for any occasion. These magnificent works of art can last you a lifetime. If you look at real flowers they are not perfect each one has its own special character, and that is why you don’t have to be an expert to make paper flowers

There are several different types of paper that can be used to make these flowers; crepe paper, Most of the papers is inexpensive and the flowers usually do not require a very large amount of the paper for each flower.

You can make paper flowers with crepe paper, tissue paper, mulberry paper that is also Eco-friendly because it is made from the bark of the mulberry tree and does not harm the trees because it is stripped from the trees and the bark will grow back, and there are also other types of paper that you can use. They can be any color that you want them to be.  You can send them with different scents or embellish them with a little paint or markers or you can add different types of jewels by gluing them on to the flowers.  There are many types of flowers that can be made in all different sizes and styles.

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This is an old art that is making a comeback these days because it is something people can do themselves to decorate their homes with little expense, decorate for a party, or even decorate for your weddings getting friends and family involved.

This is also a way to help the environment the paper can be recycled, the paper flower can be used over and over so there is no waste for years to come and if you use a mulberry paper the paper is made from the bark of the trees and the tree is not harmed because it regenerates itself.

These are just some of the reasons you may want to try your hand at learning how to make paper flowers to sell. This craft is fun and simple and does not take a lot of time once you get started in learning this art. Have fun and make some money.


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Make playful party decorations, luscious bouquets, and sophisticated floral centerpieces with inexpensive tissue and crepe paper, Mimic nature or fashion your blossoms in any color you can imagine making something uniquely personal. You’ll be amazed how easy it is to produce these gorgeous flower projects.