Decorate Your House with Shabby Chic

Shabby Chic is one of the hottest trends in decorating, and for good reason. It is versatile, easy, and inexpensive. Shabby Chic is based on simplicity — simple color themes combined with your favorite furniture and art.


Shabby Chic


What makes shabby chic home decor a popular decorating style?  In browsing through home décor magazines you will find a popular decorating style known as shabby chic.  It combines the vintage look with a stylish look.  One of the reasons for shabby chic’s popularity is the practice of combining “the old” with “the new that looks old.”   That opens up many possibilities for choosing shabby chic home décor and furnishings.


Shabby Chic


Shabby Chic can be anything you want it to be, and is a great way to bring your personal style to any room. The Most Shabby Chic decor is based on a white-on-white or beige-on-beige theme. Soft pastels are often used as accent colors, but with a little creativity, you can add just about any color you want. A classic example of Shabby Chic would be to cover couches and overstuffed chairs with white slipcovers, whitewash your wood furniture and hang white airy curtains. Then hang your favorite painting or artwork in the most prominent place in the room.


Shabby Chic


This style will turn your living room into a comfortable space with the romance of things that are old or vintage pieces that have a purpose. A shabby chic living room is perfect if you’ll like to show off your favorite accessories and antiques. And best of all it is possible to create your own shabby chic decor using items in your home and paints.


Shabby Chic


The centerpiece of a shabby chic living room is the perfect coffee table; whether it is round or square is not important, what matters is that the table has a pale, painted finish which has been lightly distressed. Add subtly distressed side tables to complete the look.

Homemade chic decorating is also ideal for putting the spotlight on a particular piece of furniture.  A beautiful, much-loved antique can be the center of attention in a simply shabby chic decorating plan.  The simplicity of this style of decorating lends itself to highlighting one or even a few unique pieces of furniture.

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Family heirlooms and trinkets can be used as shabby chic home décor along with newer décor that looks old.  Use those keepsakes that you love by displaying them in your home.  You, as well as your family and guests, will enjoy them.

Remember, if you want shabby chic furniture, don’t look for bright bold colors or matching sets.  It would be more appropriate to mix and match upholstery patterns and add Florals and stripes in pillows and other accessories.  You might have visions of cuddling in your grandmother’s soft, comfortable slip-covered furniture.

Shabby chic has expanded to include vintage fabrics and all types of imperfect, once elegant accessories.  A ruffled, rumpled elegance is characteristic of simply shabby chic.  Antique collectibles are a nice addition to this decorating style.

In mixing patterns in the shabby chic decorating style keep the background color the same creamy white with at least one color recurring in every pattern.

Shabby chic home decorating style.  This decorating approach may be used in an entire house or in just one or two rooms.  Have fun using your ingenuity and imagination to create the trendy shabby chic look in your home.



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