Design Ideas for Making A Safe Bathroom

A bathroom remodeling project is an exciting way to update an important space in your home.



Before you start your remodel project, Either way, the decorating decisions you make in this room need to take safety into consideration. Thousands of people are injured in bathroom accidents each year.



Bathroom safety applies to every one of us, regardless of age. Grab bars and a folding bench allow everyone to shower comfortably and safely.



Check out these great ideas for fixtures, furniture, hardware and placement that improve safety yet help your child and seniors become more self-sufficient.

Consider Function and Accessories

Place necessary items within easy reach

Although step stools are great for helping little ones reach things up high, why not install fixtures down low when you can? Hand towels can be hung on the side of the vanity. Hooks make it easy for children to hang their bath towels, and robes and lower placement like this keep children from climbing on toilets or counters.

Avoid slip and fall accidents

Grab rails aren’t just for the disabled. can help while getting in and out. The risks for seniors are real, Slip and fall accidents frequently occur in the bathroom, where the conditions can be slippery. For seniors, the bathroom can be a potentially hazardous place in the home.

Make sure your rail can support the force of 250 pounds. Mount it 33 to 36 inches from the floor and allow a minimum of 1½ inches between the wall and the bar.

Add safe place to sit

Secure seating inside the shower is another great safety feature. Standing in the shower can be difficult, if not impossible for some seniors. Having a spot to sit down, and comfortable, durable shower seat is an ideal fix. Shower seats can be installed in an existing tub or stall, and there are also movable options, too.

Keep it clean

The pathway to the bathroom and the floor of the room should be kept clean and free of clutter. Consider removing small rugs and bath mats that can be trip hazards. Be sure that any rugs that are used have a secure rubber grip on the bottom to keep them in place. This prevents the rug from shifting around on tile and laminate floors.

Lighting matters

Lighting needs to be easy or automatic. Entering a dark bathroom is dangerous for every one of us. A basic night light is ideal to keep the room illuminated in the evenings for safety. Consider using an LED light with a sensor that will automatically turn on after comes on as soon as anyone enters the room.

A safer bathroom is easy to achieve with just a few simple modifications. For planning to stay in the comfort of their own homes, installing a walk-in tub with a seat is an excellent option. Removing clutter, adding grab bars, and keeping the room well lit are all necessary and helpful, for the child and elderly parent with which are safe and comfortable.

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