Design of Outdoor Showers You to love

Outdoor showers: are a creative design, Lots of people love taking outdoor showers.



An outdoor shower can give you a resort-like experience at home, Whether you want a place for your children to rinse off after swimming in the pool, or just want to have an outdoor place to take a shower after a strenuous and messy working day, then a nice outdoor shower is a great idea.



Also, building outdoor showers can be a DIY project, depending on the caliber of the shower enclosure you want and your own plumbing or building experience.



Here are tips and factors to consider helping you get started.


Research and Do your Homework

Before you let loose the tools and materials needed, check your local building codes as there may be bylaws regarding the design or drainage as well as a lot of line restrictions. Select the right type. Decide whether you want a wall-mounted shower or a freestanding outdoor shower, If you build the shower on a wall of your home, you can already tap the existing water and sewer lines in your home. This will definitely save you a lot and cut down on the total cost.




You should first decide how often the shower will be used. The occasional shower in the hot summer months is no big deal. In this case, it doesn’t matter a whole lot what you do. You might use an old pallet to get you off the ground or simply shower on the pool deck. The extra water will be quickly evaporated off or water some plants.

However, if you are showering outside a lot, you will need a drainage system. A very popular choice is to dig a hole and fill it with gravel. It is a prerequisite for any outdoor shower to have a floor that is slightly sloping to ensure that the water does not stay in one place.



Choose the Materials Wisely

Make sure that your selected materials are weather-resistant and can withstand very serious rainstorms. For the frame, cedar, stone and mahogany are wise options.

For the shower fixtures, Stainless steel, brass or galvanized metal. These are highly durable materials which can contribute a lot to the life span of your outdoor shower.



Choose for the relax

If there is more space inside the enclosure, you can add a seating area with waterproof wooden. At night, it is very helpful to add lights with a dim glow to add some accents to your shower.

You can also have a compartment where you can keep your toiletries. This will ensure that you don’t need to make frequent trips to other areas in order to get them.



Choose the Materials Flooring

For the flooring, you may use a flat stone or a lay board and then simply fill the gaps with river stones that are rich in color to highlight the design. You can use a complementing shower curtain for the door, or just create a maze of plant enclosures to add more privacy to the working place

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An outdoor shower makes an everyday routine extra special. As long as it’s private enough, there’s no reason an outdoor shower can’t be used for your daily cleanse, at least in the warmer months. (Complete with a jungle of potted plants), it will feel more like an adventure than a routine.

Would you like an outdoor shower?

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