How to Develop and Enhance Become Smart Kids

H ome and family are significant factors in student learning and achievement. Studies done all over the world attest to a variety of best practices, ranging from parental involvement in school to various enrichment activities.


Become Smart Kids


In most cases, fewer teachers mean more kids in a classroom. More kids mean less attention for your child from the teacher. And less likely this teacher will have an aide. What does this mean for your child? Will she fall behind? Will it affect his test scores?


Every parent dreams of having at least one smart kid in the family. You can raise smart kids if you work hard. What this means: For many parents, that would mean sacrifice.

The first 10 years of our child’s life are essential not just for building relationships, but for developing good study habits as well. Investing time and effort, especially in the early years provide a steady foundation for lifelong learning and many prevent future problems.

How do these students achieve?

Parents can help kids one-on-one at home. And I’m not suggesting homeschooling unless that’s something that works for you and your family. Your child has smart potential. With support from you, average kids, even kids doing poorly in school, can become smart kids.

Try these one strategies:

 1. Learn Brain Gym and do it with your child. Teachers across the country use it in their classrooms. But no reason you can’t do Brain Gym at home, one-on-one. It’s quick, easy and effective. Brain Gym works for you too.

 2. Have conversations with your child about books they have to read for their book reports. Read the books yourself. For example, when your child has to read a book, ask questions about the book. Tell me about the book? What did you like best? Who was your favorite character and why?

3. Play math and reading games with your kids. Even a game like Monopoly helps with both these skills. Good for kids at finding things out on their own. Encourage research even if you know the answers. Go to the library or do the research on the computer.

4. Talk with your child about what you’re reading, thinking about, getting at the grocery store, planning for the weekend. Conversation builds communication skills in children. It’s essential for your smart kids.

5. Don’t pressure is something that even adults cannot handle. Imagine yourself trying to say these words repeatedly to your child: “You should be number 1 in class… Number 1 in all you do.” The idea sounds great, but that will put too much pressure.

6. Take a daily interest in your kid homework. This is the opposite of nagging or policing homework-neither of which help nurture smart kids. One of the mistakes you may commit as a parent is to assume that what you want is what your child should want.

7. Have your child help at the grocery store with comparison shopping, reading labels, estimating how much the groceries will cost. Shopping offers lots of fun, smart learning activities.

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Every parent hopes their child is going to be smart, or even gifted. Using these one-on-one strategies will boost your kids’ brain power, help them move from smart potential of smart kids, and improve their grades.


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