DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver


W ith these power tools present, you are set to do and finish all basic repairs and constructions in no time. This The power tools DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver that will give you not just two or three but six tools in one combo kit?

This is the perfect purchase for those who want it all and all in one purchase. You also have to take note that this isn’t just a random collection of tools – these are all designed to complement one another and they all make use of the XRP extended run-time battery system designed specifically by DEWALT.

Featuring a series of tools that are both powerful and versatile, the DEWALT 18-Volt XRP Ni-Cad DCK655X Six-Tool Cordless Combo Kit makes it easy to get jobs done quickly. Each tool features a balanced body that’s easy to control, plus smart design details that allow for application-specific performance.


DEWALT DCK655X What’s in the Package?

So what are you getting in the DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit with Impact Driver? Having six tools is nice but it won’t be a great purchase if you aren’t getting what you need. To give you a good look here is a list of the six different tools included in this very special combo kit:

• DCD950 XRP 18-Volt Cordless Hammer Drill/Drill/Driver
• DC825 18-Volt Impact Driver
• DEWALT DC390 XRP 18-Volt Circular Saw
• DC385 XRP 18-Volt Reciprocating Saw
• DC411 18-Volt Cut-Off Tool
• DW919 18-Volt Floodlight


A Components of DEWALT DCK655X

The DCK655X is a six-tool combo kit that covers almost all of the essential tools for repairs and constructions.

DEWALT DCD950B drillThe DCD950 Cordless Hammer Drill is very dependable in drilling and fastening in a broad range of materials as it comes with 450 watts motor. Also, the DCD950 drill lets the users have the freedom to choose the speed most fitted to the job at hand.


DC390 XRPDC390
DEWALT DC390 Circular SawThe DEWALT DC390 Circular Saw promises to perform fast rip and crosscuts as it can deliver speed up to 3700 rpm. It is an excellent solution for those hard cutting applications as it has 0-50degree bevel capacity.



DC385DC385 XRP
DC385 Reciprocating SawThe DC385 Reciprocating Saw enables users to do flush cutting since it has four position blade clamps. With all these features, the DC385 XRP Reciprocating Saw is very swift and versatile in performing different cutting applications.




DeWalt DC825 Impact DriverThe DC825 Impact Driver can deliver results with very minimal effort as it can do 0-2700 impacts in one minute.




DeWalt DC411 Cut-Off ToolThe DC411 Cut-Off Tool can perform cutting and grinding jobs easily as it can deliver up to 6500 rpm, and design. This enables the DC411 18-Volt Cut-Off Tool to work in tight and cramped spaces.



DEWALT DW919 18-Volt Flexible FloodlightThe DW919 Floodlight is very useful to lighten up any dimly or darkly lit areas. It can give visibility to the whole work area as it has a flexible neck that can be tight around anything.



Pros and Cons


• All six tools utilize DEWALT’s XRP lithium-ion extended run time battery system and the specially included DEWALT battery charger. This system means you spend less time waiting for your batteries to charge and more time out on the floor getting work done.

• All of the tools feature ergonomic, lightweight designs that are compact and yet duly powerful. These compact designs allow you to get work done even in those tight, narrow spaces where most other tools wouldn’t normally fit in.

• This power tools themselves have been easy to use. Newbies and inexperienced people have had no trouble using these either. Users have commented that the tools are made with the user in mind, which makes it so easy to use and handle.

• To ensure you are getting nothing but the best quality and high durability, you also get the three-year limited warranty for the tools, one-year service warranty, and a 90-day money back guarantee.


• Of course with six tools you will run into some battery requirements. Having only one battery per tool and only charger is fine if you only need to use one or two at the same time but if you require all six for a large project you are forced to buy a few extra batteries.


Us Verdict:

There is a reason why professional handymen hold the yellow and black tools – these are designed for precision, for power, for comfort, safety, and flexibility. You get the job done the way you want it, as good as you want it, and as quickly as you want it.

Also, I found that many users that love this for the reasons, one being it comes with two batteries instead of one. This lessens the hassle of having to recharge very often. Its accessories can also be found very easily which makes finding parts and bits easy. If you need only one set of tools then it is the DEWALT DCK655X 18-Volt XRP 6 Tool Combo Kit.


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