Different Ways to Will Eco-Friendly in Your Remodel Bathroom

As if remodeling your bathroom decor ideas is not exciting enough, you get to go green as an option as well if you wish. Going green or incorporating eco-friendliness into your bathroom can be as easy or as detailed as you choose.



Going green can mean selecting refurbished and recycled materials and it can even mean making your own soap. From start to finish, you can choose just how green you want to go with it all.

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Conserving Water

Probably one of the best ways to go green is to incorporate water saving devices into your bathroom remodel. In this way, you save much-needed resources for the planet and its inhabitants.



Some toilets, also known as high efficiency toilets, save in many ways – they save water, energy, and money. The less water you use, the more there is for the planet and the more money you can leave in your wallet as well.

Low-flow showerheads and faucets are other great ways to save water, energy, and money. And of course, using cooler water and taking shorter showers helps too.

Using Recycled/Refurbished Materials

More and more bathrooms are now using recycled and refurbished materials in an effort to keep the green momentum going. Some examples of these green, eco-friendly materials can be used throughout your bathroom.



For example, you could use cedar or refurbished woods that are water resistant for your walls and/or floors. Recycled glass makes excellent backdrops for tiles above sinks or in shower and tubs.

Paints that contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC) are perfect choices for your walls, and clay that absorbs and avoids mold and mildew build-up is useful anywhere from countertops to floors and walls. Recycled paper that is compressed is a good choice for countertops, too.


Hemp rugs and one hundred percent cotton towels are perfect choices to complement your new eco-friendly, green bathroom vibe. You can even make and use your own soap or use eco-friendly products bought and sold in your local market for cleaning purposes.



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So, as you can see there are many ways to go eco-friendly decor ideas for your bathroom remodel project.

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