DIY Baby Baskets Craft for the Gift

Baby baskets craft are always well-received gifts during baby showers. Everyone can give adorable baby clothing, receiving blankets, a baby bath towel set, or another set of baby baby bottles, but why not get a little creative for a change? Why not provide a nice gift basket?

Baskets Craft for the Gift


One of the nicest imagination that anyone can make when they know someone having a baby is to create a handmade baby gift. It’s an enjoyable way to spend their time with someone beaten with crafting.

Gift baskets are usually versatile and sure to leave any expectant or new mother delighted. Today, there are lots of them that are available in the market. However, if you want to create your own gift basket, it would be a thoughtful idea as well. Making a gift basket is not that difficult to do, as there are plenty of ideas that can help you when creating one. Many people say that they had a fun making a gift basket, so why not try it for yourself and get enjoyed as well!

Before you make a gift basket, you need to set a budget first. Depending on the gift items you put in the basket, your work can become expensive. Make sure you have a realistic budget and stick with it, and keep in mind that you don’t have to spend too much on your creation. You might want to consider a perfect theme for the basket that is matched to the theme of the baby shower. Make that theme as your guide to collect the contents of your basket. Here are some themed baby gift basket ideas you can choose from:


Baby Sleeping Time Basket – for this basket, you have to collect items that can be used during the baby’s sleeping hour, such as lullaby CDs, sleeping gown, blanket, pillow, and a cuddly stuffed animal.

Baby Bath Time Basket – this one will basically help the new mom prepare for many fun bath time with the baby. In the basket you can put baby shampoo, soap, lotion, oil, hooded bath towel, wash cloth, and rubber duckies.

Baby Diapering Basket – the new parents can never have plenty diapers for their bundle of joy, so a basket filled with lots of diapers would make a very nice gift! Consider placing a few packs of diapers in different sizes so that each will get used as the infant grows older. Feel free to add some extra gifts if your budget allows. For example, you can add a diaper rash cream, wipes, and lotion if you like.

Baby Toy Basket – toys are among the basic things that every parent will need for their child. Choose colorful toys as babies will love that. There are educational toys that can help develop the child’s mind, like toys that create sound and feature a variety of colors that usually attract baby’s attention.

Baby Feeding Basket – in this basket you can place a few bottles, cups, baby spoons, small bowls, bibs, place mats, formula, cereal and other baby foods.


These are just a few easy ideas for DIY baby baskets craft. Feel free to think of other more unique ideas for your creation. Other cool baby gifts that can be included in a nice homemade gift basket are handmade baby jewelry, personalized picture frames and albums, diaper bags, and baby travel gear.