Drop Sugar to Create Optimum Health!

Drop Sugar
Drop Sugar

Have you ever thought about how much sugar you ingest each day? 8-15 teaspoons of sugar? Imagine putting that much sugar in your coffee or tea.

Sugar and to be healthy don’t go together. Research has shown that sugar is one of the biggest causes of obesity and the whole wealth of other health problems.

The Huffington Post reports that in the many, the average person consumes more than 126 grams of sugar daily, which is almost twice the average sugar intake of all, Additionally, 126 grams is two times more than the recommended daily intake, which the World Health Organization designates to be 50 grams daily for people of normal weight.

I KNOW how difficult it is to stay away from sugar. However, the moderation and drop sugar from your diet could save you from myriad health problems in the future. If your goal is fit or healthy,

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What is sugar? In its simplest form, it is the juice from the sugar cane that has been refined and processed – meaning it’s been stripped of all fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It is then further processed to create a substance with no nutritional value.

Here are reasons why you should consider drop sugar altogether

• Sugar Is Linked To Depression
• Sugar Is Linked To Obesity
• Sugar Is Linked To High Blood Pressure
• Sugar Is Increasing Your Risk Of Heart Attack
• Sugar Is Addictive
• Sugar Is Linked To Diabetes
• Sugar Could Cause Cancer

Why do you need to get them out of your diet?

To Depression: Sugar is the on Prevention’s list of 5 foods that cause depression – and for good reason. Multiple studies have suggested that there is a link between a diet rich in sugar and depression.

To Obesity: Because of the sugar is loaded with empty calories (energy) when it comes to burning fat, sugar is your enemy. Sugar helped create the fight on your thighs and as long as you keep eating it,

To High Blood Pressure: The more sugar you eat, the more your bad cholesterol levels surge, which in turn boosts your blood sugar. The Mayo Clinic suggests that a poor diet is one of the biggest risk factors.

At Your Risk Of Heart Attack: Figures in the past have shown that people who consume 25% more sugar than everyone else have a stronger chance of dying of a heart attack.

To Be Addictive: its effects are similar to heroin. For this reason, They hijack the same neural pathways as heroin and cocaine and leave people craving more and more.

With Diabetes: Diabetes happens when your pancreas doesn’t create enough insulin, which is the hormone we rely on to turn sugar into fuel.

Could Cause Cancer: Although tests are still at their tentative stage, there is some research that suggests sugar could cause certain cancers.

How can easily stay away from sugar in your life!

Sugars are hidden in almost every product – even ketchup. Read the ingredients of all products and then, Whole has been just fine, however, drop sugar in moderation.

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Start eating more foods in as close to natural state as possible. Eat whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables, and lean animal protein if you eat animal protein.