Easy Halloween Crafts for Kids

Halloween is upon us, and children will be happily creating Halloween themed crafts in school and with friends. Parents who are looking for a fun project with their kids can easily implement one of these simple crafts into a few minutes after school or on the weekend. Enjoy the season and a few minutes and memories with your child by creating one of the following fun crafts! 



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The all-time original pumpkin craft is the jack o’ lantern, but there are some fun, fast alternatives! One fun pumpkin craft entails using a contact paper background with pumpkin outline overlay. Orange tissue paper shapes are placed inside the pumpkin to create a cute, sturdy pumpkin that can be placed in a window or hung outside!

Another fun project – cut out a pumpkin shape and let your child decorate with black cutouts of facial features and shapes!



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When anyone thinks of Halloween, they almost always think of spiders! Found in Halloween decorations everywhere, spiders can be easily made at home. One easy spider project involves cutting out a single holder of a cardboard egg crate. In the next step, the shape is painted black googly eyes are placed, and a cute smile is painted on. Black pipe cleaners are put in place via hole punches around the diameter of the spider.



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What would Halloween be without something haunting? Ghosts are one of the top Halloween decorations, and there are simple ways to make them at home with the kids. Simply start with a white piece of fabric or t-shirt cut to the shape of a square. Drape it over a glass jar and cover with watered down glue. When the fabric dries, remove the glass jar and voila – a ghost! Simply apply eyes and a mouth, and the ghost can then be hung outside.

Another fun project – outline your child’s footprint over white construction paper. Cut it out, and create a ghost from the outline!


witch hats
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Another popular Halloween decoration is the witch! Kids love making witch projects at home, such as witch hats.Construction paper hats with felt overlays for a band and buckle can be easily made in minutes with the help of a witch hat stencil found online.


witches broom halloween

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A second fun witch project – Tie long, dried, stalky grasses to a long stick to make a witch’s broom!

This Halloween, sit down with your child and create a hassle-free craft that you both will enjoy and remember! With just a few simple supplies, you can make memories that last.


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