Exclusive scandinavian design from Louis Poulsen

Exclusive scandinavian design

The vast selection of absolutely top class designed lighting from Louis Poulsen caters to every lightning need


From beautiful ceiling lamps to simple, yet exquisite table lamps, the Louis Poulsen company has been and still is at the absolute top of the Scandinavian design food chain. With reputed designers creating functional works of art, your living space and working space can get an upgrade with a Louis Poulsen lamp.


The light creates the room

From dark basement rooms to large spaces, the light we put in a room defines it. Whether it being in your room or at a work place, a well lit space is a welcoming and inviting space. And the opposite is also true. Bad lighting can affect the way you perceive space, often negatively.

There should be no compromise, when it comes to lighting up a room.


The lamp colors the light

We can choose the very best light bulbs for our lamps, but if the lamp is of poor design, so will the light it shines be.

When you buy a Louis Poulsen lamp, the details of the lamp design will provide the very best, varm and comfortable lighting, even for bigger rooms such as lounges and canteens. The organic shapes and formations of Louis Poulsen lamps interacts with the bulbs in a most creative and satisfying way, making every lamp a work of lighting art.


The lamp of your life

When you decide to buy a lamp from one of Louis Poulsen’s collections, you will buy a lamp for a lifetime. The work of the design artist, mixed with the very best materials provide a lamp, that stand the test of time, both when it comes to the timeless designs of the classics and when it comes to the wear and tear of a lamp over decades of use.


Louis Poulsen never goes out of style

As new classics appear, Louis Poulsen lamps still hold on to the timeless designs of PH lamps and other well known designs. When elegance and simple lines, mixed with exclusive materials is a priority, the lamps created by the designers at Louis Poulsen will never go out of style.


Clear colors and the shapes of nature

Louis Poulsen lamps have the uniqueness of scandinavian design, where nature meets industry, and rawness meets the finesse of carefully conducted colors, that play an important role in how the light is both distributed and perceived in the room.


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