Fairy Gardens Refreshing for the Family Room

Fairy gardens are cute and beautiful. This small garden is a variation of the miniature. They are easy to make and a miniature garden takes little space and can rest on a tabletop.


Fairy Gardens


If you love fairy tales and are looking for a new theme for a summer miniature garden and fun, happiness is an activity for the family on the weekend,  and they will brighten up your home and make you smile.


Modern Home Makeover


People can put them in their landscaping, take them to work, put them in their living room, bedroom. Or if you are making it for someone else and give them as gifts. Many people love these little fairy gardens




Fairy gardens fun for the family

Creating this miniature garden was all about spending time with your family, combining fun, and learning. Were “interactive” with the environment; experienced using “sight” with colors and textures; heard the “sound” of trickling water; “touched” the surfaces of plants, pebbles, soil, and accessories; and “smelled” the subtle scents of the miniature garden.


Fairy Gardens, Terrariums & Succulents


The making a fairy garden is a great way to spend time with your son or daughter as it really encourages their imagination and it’s a way of letting them participate in an activity often reserved for adults.

It teaches them about plants, planting, and a little bit about design- all good experience and knowledge for future life.

How to make fairy gardens?

Think about designs. Will depend on your imagination and the size of the miniature garden. Draw ideas from fairy art, fantasy, fashion, nature, and the wild places

The hardest part of learning how to make a fairy garden is knowing where to start. Of course, You just need to choose the right plants for your fairy garden.

But in general, a fairy garden will consist of a container, miniature plants either in pots or planted, moss, crystals, stones/pebbles, and perhaps a fairy house. It’s also possible to incorporate ponds, rivers, and accessories amazing items to fly in your garden.

Try using a small bowl to make a pond, Small mirrors also work well as ponds and to reflect light into the garden. And put garden furniture on the moss to make an outdoor scene. In a new light:

Try this! Beach or countryside walks to find unusual objects, wood, rocks, fossils, etc. Which might come in useful? In creating a magical flower garden.

Start by collecting various containers such as woven baskets, large shallow bowls or deep dish clay saucers (like a birdbath), or even discarded bureau drawers.  Check yard sales for innovative ideas and inexpensive materials.

Next, supply potting soil and a selection of small plants that will reach under a foot when fully grown. Dwarf zinnias, marigolds, violets, ivy, baby’s tears and sprigs of Vinca are all good choices.

There are many types of mosses that will work nicely too, fitting into corners and small areas easily to add texture and interest.  A variety of low-growing herbs such as thyme and rosemary lend aroma to the mix as well.

It’s a good idea to have everything ready near where you will fairy garden before you start so you don’t have to carry your creation to its new home after you have made it- depending on the construction they can be quite heavy!


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