Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Multi-Use Pet Kennel Review

Pet crates are great for transporting or training your pet. You can use them to keep your pet safe while traveling or while at home.

Firstrax Pet Suites Double Door
Firstrax Pet Suites Double Door

Finding the Best Pet Crate

When searching for the most functional pet crate, you have to find one that provides comfort for your pet. There are many pet crates to choose from but it’s most important to get the right size crate for your pet.

If you’ve been hunting for a pet crate for the longest time and you still don’t have any idea which one to get, you might want to consider the Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Multi-Use Pet Kennel.

Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Multi-Use Pet KennelFeatures

  • Firstrax pet suites come with durable steel doors.
  • They also come with doors that open either right, left, and on the top.
  • Firstrax also comes with a safe sliding latch system.
  • Easy to assemble crate with no need for extra tools.
  • Can be used for home or travel purposes.
  • These crates were designed for dogs that weigh up to ninety pounds.
  • The Dimensions21.9 x 12 x 9.6 inches
  • For pets up to 25 lbs.
  • Also comes with attachable slide stops for more security.
  • Comes with a stylish design that can make you travel with your pet in style.
  • Optional: Nylon grommet straps

Positive Points

  • There are may be a lot of options in the market for carriers and crates. But very few can assemble easily. So if you are out looking for a crate that can be assembled and disassembled easily, then the Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Pet Kennel should be your very first choice. It takes just five minutes to assemble the entire crate.
  • Those who love to travel will also find this to be very useful. Now, you can take a trip with ease as you don’t have to worry about your pet running away or pooping where it’s not supposed to.
  • You will like the fact that this crate can be stored easily. It doesn’t matter whether you want to put it away under your bed or in your storage barn because it won’t take much space. Just disassemble then store away!
  • The Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Kennel is very easy to clean. All you have to do is to wipe the dirt off and your cleaning task is done.
  • Your pet will have much more room to stretch into. This is especially useful for pets that have just undergone surgery – they need all the leg room that they can relax into.
  • The slide stops that can be attached to the crate is an added security feature for this product. These are useful especially during long-distance trips with your pet.
  • The nylon grommet straps are great for pet travels because you can easily secure the crate in your vehicle. You won’t have to worry about your pet sliding to and fro as you drive to your destination.
  • This is aptly-priced at $49.99  because of all the features that it has. It would be right to state that it brings excellent value for your money since it is durable and is meant to last for many years.

A Few Complaints

  • Some think that it is too big for a cat. However, it is just right for small to medium-sized dog.
  • Some customers have also complained that the bottom half of the pet crate sides slant in. They have observed that this can take space from the floor where the dog is supposed to lay down.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

It is no surprise that pet owners love the Firstrax Pet Suites Double Door Multi-Use Pet Kennel. It delivers comfort, style, and all the other things that pet owners require for their pets. There are major features that other pet crates don’t have such as the door that opens both left and right.

Customers also love the fact that it appears smaller than it really is. Meaning, it seems to be small but your pet has ample space to enjoy.


This is a product that no pet owner should ignore. It is compact, functional and attractive to look at. Save on shipping when you purchase through


Firstrax 23-Inch Pet Suites Double Door Multi-Use Pet Kennel


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