Fitness for Seniors Tips to Be Healthier

Physical fitness for senior citizens is very important in keeping healthy. If you have neglected to exercise over the years, now is the time to start.

fitness for seniors
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Fitness for seniors has been studied countless times. The results are always the same. Seniors who engage in a regular exercise program have better fitness and health than those who do not.

One active 87-year-old woman swims the ten laps three times a week. She swears she notices more pain on the days when she does not swim. She said that her youthful energy comes mainly from swimming“.

Fitness is also a great way for seniors to enjoy social interaction. Remember, exercise can reduce your risk for many diseases and help you deal with current health conditions,

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A routine fitness program can also minimize stress and the inability to have a good night’s sleep. Many seniors, who participate in a fitness program, find they sleep better.

The National Institute for Health (NIH) recommends four types of fitness for seniors.

Exercise and physical activity are good for just about everyone, including older adults. and each type is different. Doing them all will give you more benefits.

  • Strength exercises – enabling the building of muscles for older adults and helps in keeping weight and blood sugar at level by increasing one’s metabolism.
  • Balance exercises – developing leg muscles for better balance and thus preventing falls.
  • Stretching exercises – enhances movement and improves endurance and strength for that active lifestyle.
  • Endurance exercises – increases heart rate and breathing for an extended period of time, thus building up endurance gradually, Brisk walking or jogging, dancing, swimming, and biking.

Never too late to start

You can start much more simply. Just 15 minutes after you begin exercising, you benefit from the increased rate of healthy oxygen pumped throughout your body. Make exercise a regular part of your daily and weekly activities, and your health can improve quickly.

Stop comparing yourself to others

What someone else can or cannot do has nothing to do with you. From treadmills to exercise machines to free weight areas, more and more people over 60 are turning up regularly at gyms and working out regularly. Most marathons these days have athletes 60 and older joining them, and the half-marathons see even more seniors taking part.

Types of exercises

What’s your current activity level? If the bulk of your exercise is walking from your couch to the bathroom, taking a walk around the block each day would be a good start. If mobility isn’t an issue for you, how long has it been since you rode a bike regularly? If mobility is an issue, think about exercise – Absolute Beginners: Cardio & Strength Training Workout for Seniors. You can do at home without lifting weights.

Maybe simple, no-impact exercises like yoga or Tai Chi would suit you better.

Many seniors enjoy spending time with their grandchildren and a regular exercise routine is another opportunity to do so. Children need to learn the good habit of exercising as much as adults. Exercising with a grandparent can be a great deal of fun for a little one and it sets a great example early in life.

All fitness for seniors should include at least three days per week about 30 minutes-walks, jogs, aerobics, swimming, etc.

Exercise do not only keep your body healthy, it also helps keep your mind, mood and memory in top form. If you intend to keep yourself as far away from ailments. Work with your doctor when starting an exercise regimen, especially if you currently suffer from health problems.

That’s why balance exercises are so important for seniors.

The exercise regularly drinks lots of water and eat nutritious foods. Those are 3 smart and healthy tips for everyone. If you are a senior, All it takes is just a few minutes of exercise each day to be healthier. There’s no better time to start than for a healthy lifestyle.



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