FIVE Steps to Lose Weight for New Year

T he losing weight was one of your New Year’s resolutions which make you want to lose weight. This usually results in many of us trying out different fad diets or joining a gym in an attempt to stick to our New Year’s resolution.


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Despite whаt TV and the newspaper ads, magic and miracle thаt will can you get fit in overnight. Glamorous thе newest “revolutionary” exercise machine, diet, But supplementation program- thе fact thаt achieving fitness success takes time аnd energy.

Quite often, after a few days of dieting and exercise, we find ourselves struggling to stick to our weight loss program. This usually happens because we start to lose motivation to lose weight. This has happened to me A LOT…I always have the best intentions in the world when I start a weight loss program.


The Five Steps to SUCCESS

1. МAKE Changes TODAY!

2. Decide & Commit

3. Define Goals

4. Design YOU Road Map

5. Feel Good!

Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated to Lose Weight

The losing weight was one of your New Year’s resolutions and set a realistic goal. “I want to lose 30 pounds in the next of months” is just plain demotivating in itself. And when you start reaching your weight loss goals, you become happier. A happier you is much more likely to hit those goals than


Take before and after pictures of yourself. If ever you feel the urge to pig out, look at the “before” pic and remind yourself why you are doing this. Ask yourself if you want to really want to be “that person” and think of the person you want to be. Keep the picture on your phone for easy access.

Keep Track of What You Eat

Writing down what you eat is like seeing a day’s worth of food laid out before you. At the end of the day, review your food list (Food Diary)

Keep a weight loss journal. Tracking your meals and your exercise on a daily basis will keep you focused and on track. Make it a habit to weight yourself once per week and record your weight loss. A weight loss journal also acts as a point of reference so you can review your progress week-to-week.

Define Goals

Break down your overall weight loss goal into small, attainable goals. For instance, if your overall goal is to lose 30 pounds, then break up your goal into 5-pound increments. For every 5 pound milestone, reward yourself with something special such as a day at the spa or a new book. Just make sure you don’t reward yourself with anything food-related.

Design YOU Road Map

Remind yourself of what your reason is to lose weight. If your goal for losing weight is to fit into a certain size, then visualize yourself wearing an outfit in that size and imagine how good it will feel. If you’re losing weight for health reasons, think of how much energy you will have in a leaner body or how you can minimize your blood pressure medications once you have lost the weight.

If you can afford it, consider hiring a personal trainer. A personal trainer will work with you one-on-one as you are working out and encourage you along the way. Even though personal trainers can be a bit expensive, they are an awesome resource for losing weight effectively. Quite often, they will suggest meal plans tailored to your needs to maximize your fat loss.

Feel Good!

Exercise for fun should. Find something that you genuinely enjoy doing – this will make it easier to stick to. Try walking, dancing, spinning or hiking outdoors. Listening to music makes exercise a much more tolerable…It keeps you moving and sometimes you forget that you are exercising. Also, consider finding an exercise buddy. Enlist the help of a friend who is also trying to lose weight. Studies show that if you work out with a friend, you’re much more likely to stick to it.

These a just a few tips to keep you motivated while you’re losing weight. Motivation plays a HUGE part in your weight loss success – it keeps you going when you feel discouraged. Just be sure to use a combination of motivation techniques in case you start getting bored with one – and don’t be afraid to change it up once in a while.


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