A Fresh Look for a Modern in Your Kitchen

The kitchen clean white cabinets feature finger pulls instead of hardware to keep the aesthetic fresh and modern, in functional space. A custom bench at the end of the kitchen, create a bright and cheerful breakfast area—to set drinks and snacks while entertaining.



The floating shelves in the kitchen feel clean and contemporary, using open shelves instead of cabinets adds brightness to balance the dark cabinets. A kitchen island adds drama and interest to a white kitchen.



Try, forgoing upper cabinets, in favor of shelves can be a great way to open up your space. This is a great opportunity to add color and pattern to the kitchen with your dishes and accessories, or, alternatively, to add a calming effect with all white space. But be sure to look for a design that incorporates some of the colors of your cabinets or walls to tie everything together.



Countertops. If you can’t afford natural stone, embrace the laminate. Now there are so many great options for materials for your kitchen countertops

For a more current look, to create a stylish, inviting kitchen, channel the look for simple drawer pulls, shelf brackets, lights, and faucets can add character to your modern kitchen. Also, in a cool-colored, simple kitchen, tile offers a great opportunity to add warmth, personality, and fun. Don’t be afraid to get playful.

The introduce bright, modern furniture. Whether you are building a new kitchen or just want to freshen up an older-style room, consider adding bright, modern furniture. Swapping out dark tables and chairs for lighter, brighter furniture can drastically change a space on a minimal budget.

Use contemporary lighting. One relatively simple way is switching out older, more traditional light fixtures for contemporary shapes.

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